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Rhode Island isn’t big, but to make your way around you’ll still find having a Rhode Island driver’s license to be very valuable. There’s a three-step process to achieving your license, and along the way you’ll need to pass the Rhode Island permit test and the written knowledge portion of the driver’s license test. To pass these tests you’ll need to prepare. This site offers a number of ways to help you study whether you’re trying to earn your standard driver’s license or a Rhode Island CDL or motorcycle license. Below you’ll find a number of DMV practice tests for Rhode Island to help you brush up on your knowledge of road signs and the general rules of the Rhode in the state. These Rhode Island practice permit tests and practice driving exams are free and can be taken as often as you like. You will be presented with 30 questions and you must answer 21 questions correctly to pass.  There is no time limit.  You may not go back once you answer a question.  Click the “Start Quiz” button below to begin.  Good luck!

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Rhode Island Drivers Test

Rhode Island Motorcycle Test

Rhode Island CDL Test

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Drivers License

How To Get A Rhode Island Drivers License

Rhode Island has a three-step process to get your full license. You must be 16 to be eligible for your learner’s permit and complete a 33-hour driver’s education course certified by the Community College of Rhode Island. If you are under 18, you must bring a parent, legal guardian, licensed foster parent, or adult spouse must be present to sign the permit application. A parent, legal guardian or foster parent must show identification. You have to take and pass a 50 question written exam, and get at least 40 correct. If you arrange it ahead of time, an interpreter or an oral exam may be done. You will also take a road signs test, and must get 85 percent or better to pass.
If you fail the test, you may retake it within one day and pay a $11.50 fee each time. You get three chances to pass within a three month period, and if you fail all three you have to start from the beginning. There is also a vision test you have to take and pass to get your permit. You pay the $20 application fee, and your permit is valid for one year. After six months, you are eligible for a road test.
To obtain your limited provisional license, you must complete 50 hours of driving experience with a supervising driver with 10 of those hours at night. Your driver must be 21 or older and be in good standing. You have to pay the $15 application fee, and if you haven’t passed the road test yet, you have to complete this before you are eligible for a limited provisional license.
To obtain your full license, you must have your limited provisional license for six months, be 17 years old, and have completed all of your driving hours. You have to bring your limited license, social security card, and pay the fee of $38.50.
If you are new to the state, you have 60 days to trade your license in. If your license is valid, you have to bring it in person to the DMV. If it is currently valid, the road test will be waived. You pay a fee of $43.50 and produce identification documents. You will also have to take a written knowledge test and be issued a new license.

Pass The Test

How To Pass the Rhode Island Driver’s License Test

To pass the RI permit test and the DMV test you’ll need to prepare the right way. The following tips can help you pass your tests on the first try and have you on your way to hitting the roads of Rhode Island or wherever your heart desires.

  • Have a positive attitude. Yes, it sounds corny but you’re going to have some ups and downs during the test. If you’re not confident in some of your answers don’t let it get to you. A wrong answer or two won’t stop you from getting your license, so stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.
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  • Study a lot and then study some more. Our Rhode Island practice driving tests and permit practice tests are free and at your fingertips whether you’re in front of a computer or on your phone. Take them regularly until you can consistently ace the exam. When you’re not taking practice tests, bury your nose in the Rhode Island driving manual, it contains all of the little details you’ll need to know to pass the written test and the road test.
  • Don’t show up hungry or tired. Make sure you eat enough for breakfast and get a good night’s sleep. If you’re focusing on what you want to eat or can’t keep your eyes open, your test score will most likely disappoint.

Additional Information

Information on the Rhode Island DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles)

For information on Rhode Island driver’s licenses and testing, as well as information on vehicles and registration, you can find more information on the Rhode Island DMV website at http://www.dmv.ri.gov/.

Phone: 401.462.4368

To find Rhode Island DMV locations please visit https://drivingtestsample.com/dmv-locations/rhode-island/

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