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As you prepare to earn your CDL in the state of Minnesota you’ll need to study for the written portion of the Minnesota CDL test. This site offers MN CDL practice tests to help you on your journey. Use this site as a study guide as you prepare to take the CDL Test in Minnesota. Questions on these practice tests cover topics from the MN CDL manual. You can take these practice tests as many times as you need to and the tests are free. Good luck as you look to obtain your Minnesota CDL. You will be presented with 40 questions and you must answer 34 questions correctly to pass. There is a 50-minute time limit. You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the “Start Test” button below to begin.

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You should check your mirrors while making a lane change:

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Select the true statement:

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What is the best way to prevent brakes form overheating while drive down a steep grade?

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Select the portion of the combination vehicle that is most likely to turn over suddenly when pulling a double trailer:

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Select the true statement about emergency steering and tankers:

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Select which vehicles are required to have a low air pressure warning signal:

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Overhead inside mirror is used to:

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If you park the trailer at an angle to the tractor when uncoupling:

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A "transport index" relates to products that are:

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You should have the fifth wheel plate greased as recommened because:

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What might happen if you swing wide to the left before you turn right?

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With Division 1.2 or 1.3 Explosive B, how close to the travelled part of the roadway can you park?

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What is a technical name?

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When does stab braking occur?

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What is the stopping distance for a tractor trailer that is traveling at 55 mph on dry pavement?

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Make sure____when the front trailer supports are up and the trailer is sitting on the tractor.

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What does the drain valve for air tanks remove?

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Tires should should be replaced:

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Water is drained from the compressed air tanks because:

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The cause of almost half of all truck driver deaths are:

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Select the statement that describes smooth bore tanks:

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Should the air pressure in the service air tanks fall below____the driver must be alerted via warning mechanism in the truck cab.

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Where is compressed air stored?

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The minimum tread depth for tires other than the front tires is ____.

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The minimum tread depth for steering axle tires is:

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The minimum tire tread depth for front tires is:

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What do yo need to do before supplying air to the air tanks of the second trailer?

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What is most likely to occur when driving a set of doubles and a set of trailer wheels goes into a skid?

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At 55 miles-per-hour it takes about 6 seconds to stop a fully loaded truck and the braking distance is:

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This item does not need to be checked during the cab check.

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Select the true statement about emergency brakes:

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When conducting a pre-trip inspection, the most important item to verify is _____.

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Shifting into a lower gear and removing your foot off of the accelerator to slow your vehicle is known as?

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To test the tractor-trailer connection for security, you should:

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With the controlled braking method, you _____?

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What position should the tractor protection control valve be in after coupling?

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You must have placards for explosives, poison gas or flammables exceeding:

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How should you know when to shift?

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What must vehicles with air brakes have?

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Which of the following types of emergency equipment must you have on your bus?

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CDL Category Practice Tests

CDL Practice Test

How To Get A minnesota Commercial Drivers License

Minnesota has set specific requirements of a CDL license for the operation of specific vehicles. The first is a combination vehicle that exceeds a gross weight of 26,000 pounds. Any single vehicle that exceeds the 26,000 pounds also requires a CDL. Vehicles intended to transport more than 15 passengers, including the driver, fall under the commercial driver’s license requirement. Any vehicle that requires hazardous material placards must be driven by a CDL driver. Lastly, any school bus driver must have their CDL. Applicants may file for a Class A, B, or C commercial driver’s license. Each class has its own restricts for the vehicle size and type that may be legally driven.All applicants must be 18 years of age or older to apply for a commercial driver’s license. A Hazardous Materials Endorsement may only be obtained by those who are 21 years of age or older. All applicants must possess a DOT medical card or submit a medical examiner certificate upon applying for their commercial driver’s license.

Driving Record And Disqualifications 

  • Any conviction of driving an impaired vehicle within the past 24 months.
  • Current license is suspended, denied, canceled, or revoked.
  • Possessing a driver’s license from another state.

All CDL applicants must pass one or more knowledge tests and skills test to be eligible to receive their CDL.

H – Hazardous Materials
N – Tank Vehicle
P – Passenger Transport
S – School Bus
T – Doubles / Triples
X – Tanker and Hazardous Materials

Hit the Open Road

minnesota CDL License Test Tips

All applicants will be required to take one or more knowledge tests depending on the class and the endorsements they wish to obtain. Knowledge tests are given on paper and on the computer. All Class applicants must complete a 50 question knowledge test, with Class A applicants also required to complete 20 questions about combination vehicles. Endorsements require their own specific tests. For Passenger, Doubles/ Triples, and Tank Vehicle Endorsements applicants will be given a 20 question test. For School Bus Endorsement and Air Brake Restriction Removal a 25 question test will be given. A Hazardous Materials Endorsement requires a 30 question test. Test scores of 80 percent and higher are considered passed.

A skills test is required of all applicants to be taken in the type of vehicle in which they are seeking certification. The skills test is given in three different phases. These include the pre-trip inspection, basic control skills, and the road test. Applicants must pass all three phases of the skills test to receive their CDL. Additional skills tests are required for specific endorsements. These include Passenger and School Bus Endorsements as well as the Air Brake Restriction Removal.

Additional Information

Information on the Minnesota Department of Public Safety

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety provides administers CDL license requirements in Minnesota. To get more information contact them via:

Website:  https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/Pages/drivers-license-information.aspx#ClassA

Phone:  651.297.5029


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