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Nebraska has a number of ways to earn your driver’s license depending on where you live and what type of license you’re trying to obtain. Regardless of your path to a Nebraska driver’s license, you’ll need to pass the Nebraska permit test, written test and driving skills test to ultimately earn your license. This website is designed to provide you with Nebraska DMV practice test questions to help you prepare for your learner’s permit test or the official Nebraska DMV test. The questions cover the same types of questions you’ll see on the test, with information taken from the Nebraska driver’s manual. All of this site’s practice Nebraska driving tests are free, including our additional Nebraska CDL and motorcycle license tests. However, if you’re preparing for the standard Nebraska Class O driver’s license test, please use the tests below to sharpen your knowledge of road signs as well as Nebraska’s traffic laws. You will be presented with 25 questions and you must answer 20 questions correctly to pass. There is no time limit. You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the “Start Quiz” button below to begin.

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How do you check your blind spots while driving?

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What is the maximum weight limit of a single axle vehicle on an interstate?

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You must ______ when you see or hear an emergency vehicle approaching from any direction.

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When a pedestrian enters a crosswalk at an uncontrolled intersection, you should:

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If you are arrested for DWI or BAC and receive a notice of suspension or revocation, you may request a hearing, if you do so within:

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The most common cause for a car to skid is:

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A motorist service sign has a background color of:

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What does this sign indicate?

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Passing another vehicle on left side of the roadway is not allowed:

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You must always ______ when approaching a roundabout intersection.

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Select the situation in which passing another vehicle on the left side of the roadway is not allowed.

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Danger areas around trucks where collisions are more likely to occur are known as:

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You should ____ when wanting to take an immediate right turn in a roundabout with multiple lanes.

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Night driving is more dangerous than daytime driving because:

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Under normal roadway conditions, the minimum speed you can drive on interstate highways is:

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You should NOT ______ when making a right hand turn.

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You must _______ when a traffic signal is a steady yellow light.

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For an immediate right turn in a roundabout with multiple lanes, you should:

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When you approach a school, you should:

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You must stop _____ of the railroad tracks when you see a stop sign at a railroad crossing.

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How many points will be added to your driver record for a conviction under state law of leaving the scene of an accident?

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When must you use your headlights?

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Select the situation in which it is necessary to use your headlights.

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Which of the following is illegal equipment on your car?

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You should ____ when a police officer directs you to drive on the wrong side of the road.

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Drivers License

How To Get A Nebraska Drivers License

Nebraska’s licensing system is based on age. With the Graduated Licensing System you may apply for your school’s learner’s permit (LPE) at 14 years of age. If you are between the ages of 14 and 16 and have held your LPE or LPD for at least 2 months, you may apply for your School Permit (SCP). Starting at 15 years of age, you may apply for your Learner’s Permit (LPD). Beginning at 16 years of age, you may apply for your Provisional Operator’s Permit (POP). In order to apply for the POP, you must hold your LPE, LPD, or SCP for at least 6 months. Testing is administered at your local Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles office. You must provide proof of your identity, two forms of proof of your address and proof of your social security number. You will need to be accompanied by a licensed driver who is 21 years of age or older. You will be required to take a vision test. You should wear any corrective lenses during the exam.After you receive your driving permit, you may complete a driver safety course that has been approved by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles or get at least 50 hours of training behind the wheel and have a certification form signed by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age or older. The certification form must state that at least 10 of the 50 training hours were completed at night.There are 25 questions on the computerized exam that may cover any part of the Nebraska manual. Pay particular attention to information such as road signs, rules of the road, pedestrian laws, DUI laws, safety belts, pavement markings, right of way use, speed limits, and more. If you do not pass the test, your examiner will tell you when you will be able to take the test again.A valid learner’s permit from another state will be accepted in Nebraska. If you have a driver’s license from another state, you will not be required to take the road test. You must obtain a Nebraska driver’s license within 30 days of establishing residency.

Pass The Test

How To Pass the Nebraska Driver's License Test

Getting 20 questions right out of the 25 on the driving test can seem like a tall task. But if you want to earn a driver’s license in Nebraska you’ll do yourself a favor if you follow the tips below as you prepare.

  • Take a bunch of Nebraska learner’s permit practice tests and DMV practice tests. Resources like this site are excellent resources for getting used to the types of questions you’ll see on the real exam, so use them to your advantage.

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  • Get a copy of the Nebraska driver’s manual and read it through more than once. We’d recommend gradually working your way through the driver’s manual, it contains all of the information you’ll need to pass the test and prepare for your driving test. You can download a PDF copy below.
  • Show up confident! If you’ve followed the two steps above you’ve likely passed several written practice tests, so you know you can do it!

Additional Information

Nebraska DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)

For the latest information on Nebraska’s driver requirements as well as information on vehicle licensing, fees and testing, please see the Nebraska DMV website at

Phone: 402.471.3861

To find the Nebraska DMV location nearest you, visit

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