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If you are preparing to obtain your “M”, “M2” or “M3” Class motorcycle license in Virginia, you will need to pass the motorcycle knowledge exam. In Virginia, you are required to answer 20 of 25 questions correctly. Before practicing for the test you should be familiar with basic traffic regulations, rules, and general safe behaviors every good motorcyclist uses. If you fail the practice test don’t worry as you are able to take it over as many times as you want – make sure to note which ones you get wrong so you know to keep an eye out for them the next time around. Click the “Start Test” button below to begin your Virginia motorcycle practice test.

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Virginia Motorcycle Test

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Motorcycle License

How To Get A Virginia Motorcycle License

If you intend on driving a motorcycle in Virginia, you’ll need to be tested in both a written and skills-based exams – only after completing will you get the class M, M2, or M3 designation on your license. With designations divided into two-wheel (M2), three-wheel (M3), and both (M). You’ll also need to pass a vision screening test. Those without a Virginia license will either have to update their current out of state one or reapply for a new one. Learners permits are available for those that want to learn how to drive a motorcycle but don’t want to apply for a full license. These permits allow users to be taught by anyone licensed for a motorcycle in the state of Virginia, is twenty-one years or older, and is able to provide immediate assistance. Learner’s permits are valid for one year, with full motorcycle license good for eight.
If you have a motorcycle license in another state and have just moved to Virginia you may already be exempt from participating in most of these skills and knowledge tests. Look over the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website for more information.

If you are still unsure that you can pass the knowledge or skills test for your Virginia motorcycle licensing you don’t have to despair. Many motorcycle safety classes are available and are excellent choices for newbies and veterans alike. Take a look over the accredited motorcycle schools in your area. These classes get you in touch with experienced professionals that will get you up and riding in no time.

Motorcycle Test

Virginia Motorcycle License Test Tips

Before you can do the skills test you’ll need to complete the motorcycle knowledge exam. Using this website will give you the tools to properly master this test. Your learning will get you familiar with the different parts of the motorcycle along with good practices you need to know before getting on the road. The knowledge test will make sure you are familiar not just with these basics, but also how to handle less common situations like how to drive on slippery surfaces, avoid obstacles, and how well you perform evasive maneuvers.

The next part of the licensing is the skills test – this is when you put your knowledge and practice to good use. Taking a skills test involves going through all the common techniques you’ll be expected to use on a daily basis. This includes adjusting your speed, how to maneuver on the road, and when to apply your brakes. Demonstrations of these skills will be conducted off the street and last approximately 15 minutes. To schedule your testing contact your local DMV location.

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Information on the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

The DMV is responsible for testing student drivers and licensing all drivers. To schedule your licensing examination or get more information contact them via:

Phone:  804.497.7100

To find the office hours and / or location nearest you, please visit:

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