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If you want to pass the Georgia motorcycle license test on the first try you’ll want to prepare yourself by taking a motorcycle practice test. Fortunately, this site has a large database of questions to help you prepare, and they’re all completely free. To pass the test you’ll need to answer at least 21 of 25 questions correctly. The test consists of multiple-choice questions designed to measure your understanding of motorcycle safety and Georgia’s rules of the road. The questions on the test are sourced from Georgia’s motorcycle manual, so be sure to study it thoroughly if you don’t have a physical copy handy. Consistent studying and regularly going through these practice test questions are a great way to prepare for your exam. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin.

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If your motorcycle starts to handle differently during a ride you should:

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To stop quickly, the best method is to:

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Cold medicine and other over the counter drugs:

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When should you reduce your following distance?

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When positioning yourself in a lane:

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What is the minimum amount of times you check your brake hydraulic fluid and coolant level?

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Before going for a ride you should check all of the following except:

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Should you wear a riding jacket if the weather is warm?

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As you go through a braking maneuver, the changes in traction tells you that you should:

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The best way to learn motorcycle maintenance is to:

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In ideal conditions, your following distance should be:

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When preparing to pass a vehicle on the left, it is important to ride on the left side of your lane because:

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When approaching an intersection:

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Brightly-colored helmets:

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If operating a three-wheeled motorcycle or riding with a sidecar, avoid the far side of the right lane because:

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In terms of lane positioning, you should divide the land into:

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If braking in a curve:

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Which surface provides the best traction?

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Where will you usually find the fuel supply valve on a motorcycle?

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Why do motorcycles need more attention than cars?

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When checking tire pressure:

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Which of the following should you inspect during a pre-ride check?

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If your motorcycle starts and then cuts out shortly after and will not restart, the most likely issue is:

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The gear shift lever is located:

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If you can't avoid an obstacle and must ride over it, you should:

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Motorcycle License

How To Get A Georgia Motorcycle License

Georgia offers three types of licenses, a Class M license, a Class MP permit, and an M endorsement. Here’s the rundown of what each of these licenses mean:

  • A Class M license is an official license to ride a motorcycle in the state of Georgia and proof that an individual has passed each step of the Georgia motorcycle test and evaluation porcess including the road signs test, road rules test, cycle skills test, and vision test.
  • A Class MP license is actually a learner’s permit. Permits are available to drivers who are at least 17 years of age and are valid for six months to help a rider gain road experience and come with a number of limitations.
  • A Class M endorsement is placed on another type of license to indicate that you are also licensed to drive a motorcycle legally.

In lieu of taking the traditional Motorcycle License application process Georgia also offers the Basic Riders Course (for a fee) which allows graduates to earn a license test waiver allowing them to forego the written and riding portions of the Georgia motorcycle license test. The course includes its own written and riding tests which you must successfully complete to earn your waiver.

Many people choose the Basic Riders Course option as it can be completed after five hours of formal classroom training and 10 hours of riding instruction. For more information, you can visit their website at: For the traditional approach to rider training, you can learn more about the Georgia motorcycle safety program offering courses for all levels of motorcycle operators.

If you are licensed to drive a motorcycle in another state you can visit your local DDS location in Georgia to have your M endorsement transferred to your new Georgia license, just be prepared to display the proper paperwork when you arrive. If you have questions, contact your local office using this link.

Motorcycle Test

Georgia Motorcycle License Test Tips

The point of the knowledge test is to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to safely travel Georgia’s roads on a motorcycle. Common questions will cover everything from understanding safety statistics to correct usage of motorcycle gear, to displaying knowledge of how to handle a bike in hazardous situations. As mentioned above, pay close attention to the motorcycle manual, no detail is too small to know during your exam.

The Georgia on-cycle skills tests are conducted at Department of Driver Services (DDS) locations around the state. To find the location nearest you, visit their website directory of locations.  Common items covered in the skills test include reviewing your ability to accelerate, brake and turn safely, adjust speed in traffic, and seeing and being seen by fellow motorists.

Additional Information

Information on the Georgia Department of Driver Services

The DDS is responsible for testing student drivers and licensing all drivers. To schedule your licensing examination or get more information contact them via:

Phone:  678.413.8400

To find the office hours and / or location nearest you, please visit:

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