Massachusetts DMV Locations

While many people call the driver’s services division the “DMV” in Massachusetts, in truth the name of the government body is the RMV, or Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. This is the division of the state government that handles IDs, driver’s licensing, and vehicle registry and titling. This site is designed to assist drivers in Massachusetts and throughout the country by providing valuable information for drivers. Use the map below to find your nearest “Massachusetts DMV” location. Hours can vary by location, so please call in advance to confirm their availability.

Our goal is to provide our visitors with accurate information, so if you find incorrect information on our map or elsewhere on this site please contact us and we will make any necessary corrections.

If for some reason the map is not working for you or if you prefer to have a text search feature, we have also included this simple table listing of all Massachusetts DMV locations.  This table lists the exact same information in the map but in a more searchable format.

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More About The Massachusetts DMV

Online Services

Massachusetts residents have the ability to access many RMV services online via their website. This is a convenient way to take care of many of your licensing and vehicle related needs. Available services include, but are not limited to:

  • License or ID renewal
  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • Address changes
  • Apply for your learner’s permit
  • Schedule driving test
  • Begin motorcycle license application

You can also make an appointment at Massachusetts RMV locations online. You can schedule an appointment up to 14 days in advance at an RMV service station following the link here

Massachusetts RMV Services

The convenience of online services is an excellent tool for many Massachusetts drivers, but some services must be completed in person. All of the RMV’s services are available at service stations, though it is still advisable to print up and complete any necessary forms online before your arrival. You can find most necessary forms here

RMV services:

  • Driver licenses and permits
  • Real ID
  • Registrations
  • Titles
  • Record look up
  • Commercial licenses and endorsements

USA Massachusetts location map

Massachusetts RMV Contact Information

To contact the Massachusetts RMV you can utilize the various options below. The contact information listed is for the headquarters, if you want to contact a local branch please use the table or map above. 

By phone:
(800) 858-3926

Online contact form: 

Prepare To Earn Your Massachusetts Driver’s License

The Massachusetts RMV is the gateway to each class of driver’s licenses in the state. This includes motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and standard passenger vehicles. This site offers free practice tests to help you prepare for all of these various licensing tests. You can access them using the following links: 

Massachusetts DMV FAQ

Whether it’s your first license or you’re just renewing, you will need several forms of identification and documentation to receive your Massachusetts license. You will need documents that provide proof of your: social security number, citizenship or lawful presence, and residency in Massachusetts.

You can renew your license at an RMV office or you can do it by mail or online at the RMV website at

As of 2021, it costs $50 to obtain a standard REAL ID. The cost of a renewal is also $50.

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