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Welcome to the sample Hawaii Driving Test Practice page. This site is designed for you to practice the Hawaii road examination test so that you are ready to pass it. You will be presented with 30 questions and you must answer 24 questions correctly to pass.  There is no time limit.  You may not go back once you answer a question.  Click the "Start Quiz" button below to begin.  Good luck!

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You must immediately report to the police a traffic accident if it results in ________ of property damage, injuries, or death.

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Having _______ is considered illegal equipment.

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What should you do if crossing in front of you at an intersection is a funeral procession with a red traffic-control device?

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It is a good idea to ______ when you will be traveling through unfamiliar areas.

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What should you do if you are turning left into a driveway or at an intersection?

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The minimum coverage for injury or death of two or more people is _______ from your liability insurance.

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What is the meaning of this sign?

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The driver license category does NOT include which answer?

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What is this sign telling you?

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What is the meaning of this sign?

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What must you do if you are traveling on a narrow road and you meet an oncoming vehicle?

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What should you do at a school-crossing?

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What does it mean when you see a steady green light at an intersection?

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As much as possible, the right lane on the freeway should remain open for _______.

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If you are applying for a driver's license or instruction permit, which of the following answers are a test that you have to pass?

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In what location is parking not allowed?

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What should you do when you are driving straight out of your driveway?

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Of the following answers, which one is NOT true about school zones?

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If you have a loaded trailer and it weights _______ you must have it equipped with brakes and breakaway protection.

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What should you do if you see a car merging from another roadway onto the roadway that you are on?

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What is the rule for traveling in lanes on the roadway?

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A headrest that is adjusted to make contact with the back of the head prevents what?

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There are ______ basic elements in any driving situation.

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What should happen regarding a motorcycle because of their vulnerability and the difficulty drivers have of judging their speed and distance?

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When is the road more likely to be slippery?

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Which of the following answers is correct if you are driving on a four-lane divided highway?

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Where is the correct place to stop at an intersection that has no stop line or crosswalk markings?

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What is NOT a good practice to follow when you want to safely back up your vehicle?

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What must a trailer be equipped with if it is towing a trailer loaded with the weight of 3,000 pounds or more, or is more than one-half of the towing vehicle's weight?

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What must you do if you come upon a church bus or school bus that is stopped and is loading or unloading passengers?

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Drivers License

How To Get A Hawaii Drivers License

In Hawaii, there are three phases to obtaining a driver’s license. To obtain an Instructional Learner’s Permit, candidates must be at least 15 ½ years of age. Additionally, proper identification documentation must be presented. Candidates must pass a vision test as well as a written examination. A notarized affidavit form must be signed and witnessed by a parent, or custodial guardian.Those with an Instructional Learner’s Permit while driving must have a person seated next to them who is at least 21 years of age. Between the hours of 11 P.M. and 5:00 A.M., the person seated next to the driver must be their parent our custodial guardian.Those candidates who are between 16 and 18 years old are eligible to receive a Provisional Driver’s License. These candidates must have had an Instructional Learner’s Permit for at least 180 days without any traffic violations. Additionally, drivers must have completed a State driver’s education course, and possess the classroom and behind-the-wheel certificates. Finally, candidates must pass a road examination test at a Driver’s Licensing Center.Full Driver’s License are issued to those with a Provisional Driver’s License who had the provisional license for 6 months, has not pending violations, is at least 17 years old and has complied with all Chapter 286 Hawaii Revised Statues.

Pass The Test

How To Pass the Hawaii Driver's License Test

As you prepare for your driver’s test, some helpful things to keep in mind:

  • Practice safe driving. For those that are practicing with their learner’s license then take advantage of your driving hours to develop good driving habits
  • Study Hawaii road signs to be ready for the Road Sign section of the test

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  • Be sure that your vehicle is properly insured prior to taking your driving test, including the ability to provide documentation for proof of insurance.
  • Practice parallel parking and backing up
  • Study the Hawaii Driver’s Manual

Additional Information

Hawaii Division of Motor Vehicles Information

To find the Hawaii DMV location closest to you, please visit: https://drivingtestsample.com/dmv-locations/hawaii/

To schedule a road test, you’ll need to schedule a time with local Hawaii Driver’s License Centers.

Website: http://www.honolulu.gov/csd/vehicle.html
Phone: 808.768.9100

More Hawaii Driving Test & Drivers License Helpful Links

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