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Our Utah driver's license practice tests are designed to help you prepare for the official Utah DLD driving test as you work your way towards earning your driver’s license. There are several steps to take before earning your Utah driver’s license, however, that includes passing your permit test, a licensed driver’s training course, hitting your minimum number of hours as a permitted driver and then pass the Utah driver’s knowledge test as well as the road skills test. Regardless of where you're at in the process, this site can help you on your way. Just getting your learner's permit? Our tests work perfectly as a Utah learner's permit practice test. Our tests will help you pass on the first try, we'll help you brush up on your knowledge of Utah’s driving laws and help you identify road signs. If you’re looking to gain your Utah CDL or Utah motorcycle license, we have practice tests to help you study for those exams as well. Please feel free to take our Utah DLD (the Utah Driver License Division, also known as the Utah DMV) practice tests as often as you like as you prepare. If you are looking for Utah DLD locations, you can find them here: https://drivingtestsample.com/dmv-locations/utah/

You will be presented with 25 questions and you must answer 20 questions correctly to pass. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin your Utah driver's license practice test.

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Who is not required to wear a seat belt in a motor vehicle?

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You are on a multi-lane highway and want to change more than one lane, you should:

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If you are turning right at an intersection in which direction should you make sure no cars are coming?

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This sign is telling you what?

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Children weighing under ______ pounds must be fastened in a rear facing child restraint system and placed in the back seat of the vehicle.

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What should you do before backing up?

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If visibility is less than _______ during day or night, you are required by Utah law to drive with your headlights on.

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If you see this sign what should you do?

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What should you remember if you are driving on wet roadways?

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Why are warning signs placed along the roadways?

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For your safety and others you must share the road, but it is also_______.

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The areas around a truck or other heavy vehicle in where the vehicles disappear into blind spots are called:

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In what situation may you drive alone with an instruction permit?

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If a vehicle has a steering wheel interlock system, do not turn the ignition key to lock position while driving because this will cause:

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You have missed your exit on the freeway, what should you do?

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You should ________ to be ready for whatever is coming on the road ahead.

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A vehicle's stopping distance is equal to:

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What is the center lane between lanes of traffic going in opposite directions created for?

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When are you required to yield to emergency vehicles?

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Referring to speed management and curves which of the following answers is the most important to remember?

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Of the following examples which does not affect your ableness to safely operate a motor vehicle, and does not need to be considered before driving?

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Of the following examples which is illegal to make a U-turn?

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What is the normal rule for a safe following distance when in normal driving conditions?

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What should you do if while on a two-lane road the car ahead of you stops for a pedestrian?

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When are toy vehicles allowed on a public road?

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Drivers License

How To Get A Utah Drivers License

In Utah, if you’re younger than 19 years old, you must be a citizen or legal resident and follow the guidelines required by the graduated driver’s license program. You must be 15 years old and apply for your learner’s permit. Once you have applied, enroll in a driver’s education course. Bring a parent or guardian and have them co-sign your application, along with a financial liability form. You have to bring proof of birth, Social Security number, and residence. There is a vision test and a written 50 question knowledge test, and you have to get at least 40 questions correct. There are alternate arrangements like an oral exam, and interpreters available.If you fail your Utah DLD written test, you can retake it as many times as you need with an additional $7.00 fee. There is a $15 non-refundable permit fee that must be paid as well. Next, enroll and complete a driver’s education course. You will also have to drive and document 40 hours with an adult who is over 21 years old and whose license is in good standing. Out of the 40 hours, 10 of them must be at night.You can obtain your unrestricted license once you’ve turned 16 years old, had your permit for a minimum of 6 months, completed your driver’s education course, and completed your driving hours. You will have to pass the Traffic Safety and Trends Exam, and get a 100 percent. You can retake this test as many times as you need to pass without any extra fees. You have to bring proof of your completed driver’s education course, proof of residence, your social security card, your driving log, and your application. There is an additional vision test you have to take, as well as a road skill driving exam if you haven’t taken it through your driver’s education class. The final step is paying the $30 licensing fee.If you’re new to the state, you have to surrender your old license at the Utah DLD and pass a written and vision test. Show proof of residence, your social security card, and your old license. You also have to take the Traffic Safety and Trends Exam and pay a $25 fee.

Pass The Test

How To Pass the Utah DLD Driver's License Test

It can be nerve wracking taking the written knowledge portion of the driving test for the first time. Even if you know the correct answers your nerves might make you second guess yourself and lead to less than stellar results. Follow these tips to help you perform your best on the big day.

  • Read the Utah DLD state driver handbook cover to cover. There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with Utah’s traffic laws and road signs than the current year’s state manual. Take notes as you read and become extremely familiar with it.

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  • Take Utah practice permit tests and Utah practice driving tests! Between reading the manual and using practice tests like the ones on this site, you should have your bases covered in terms of the knowledge you need to pass the written knowledge test. If you find there are questions you struggle on, refer back to the driving manual.
  • Do everything possible to show up comfortable and relaxed. This means get a good night’s sleep, wear comfortable clothes, and leave early to make sure you’re not rushing to make it to your test. Simple things like these can make all the difference between proving you can be a safe driver and passing the test by reducing your pre-test anxiety.

Additional Information

Utah Department of Public Safety Driver’s License Division

To apply for a Utah driver license, or any other questions you have about motor vehicles or licensing, you can find more information on the Utah DLD website at https://dld.utah.gov/.

Phone: 801.965.4437

To find Utah Department of Public Safey DLD locations, use our branch locator here: https://drivingtestsample.com/dmv-locations/utah/

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