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Welcome to the Nevada CDL practice test site. You are welcome to take these CDL practice tests as many times as you like as the tests are free. You will be presented with 40 questions and you must answer 34 questions correctly to pass. There is a 50-minute time limit. You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin. 

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Air tanks should be drained:

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The Emergency Response Guide, ERG, can best be explained as _____.

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Select the true statement in regards to converter dollies:

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The two main things to look ahead for while driving are _____.

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If you have riders on board, you must never refuel:

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How much space should you see between the lower and upper fifth wheel when checking the coupling of a converter dolly?

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What position should the heaviest trailer be in when pulling 3 trailers?

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You must first______to supply air to the trailer.

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What are the liquid tight separations between compartments inside tanks called?

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You should brake on a long steep downgrade hill as a supplement to the braking effects of the engine

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This component should be checked that it is solid, securely bolted to the tracture frame, and clear of objects.

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You should adjust all the outside left and right side convex mirrors to see:

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Select the accurate statement in regards to rolling up the landing gear to complete the coupling process.

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If a rider wants to bring a car battery or a can of gasoline or kerosene aboard your bus, you should:

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What is the most important reason for doing a vehicle inspection?

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Where can you find a shipper’s certification?

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When must a driver’s inspection report be completed?

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How often should you check the tires if your placarded trailer has dual tires?

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Select the true statement in regards to the liquid inside of a bulk tank causing a tank truck to roll sideways.

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Drivers placard their vehicle to _____ the risk.

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Select the true statement about speed and stopping distance.

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If you park the trailer at an angle to the tractor when uncoupling:

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Which of the following types of emergency equipment must you have on your bus?

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The safety catch for the fifth wheel locking lever must be ____ for a coupling to be complete.

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Select which is not a mandatory emergency equipment:

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What is the movement of the liquid called when the tanks are partially filled?

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Select the part that is not a part of the drum brake:

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What is the safest way to stop unruly behavior on the bus?

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What should you do before you begin to couple?

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The most stable tanker shape is:

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Which of the following statements about loading and unloading cargo tanks is false?

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Play of the steering wheel should not exceed:

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What are the dividers that are inside tankers that have an opening at the bottom and top?

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What is the stopping distance for a tractor trailer that is traveling at 55 mph on dry pavement?

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Cargo tanks ____.

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If you are drowsy, you should _____ before you drive.

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The shipping papers for hazardous materials can be found:

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What is the best way to prevent brakes form overheating while drive down a steep grade?

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For any flatbed load you must have at least ____ tie downs.

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Which of the following statements about stopping distances is NOT true?

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CDL Practice Test

How To Get A nevada Commercial Drivers License

To be eligible for a CDL in Nevada, applicants must be at least 18 years old to operate a commercial vehicle intrastate (within Nevada only). To operate a commercial vehicle interstate (outside of Nevada) they must be 21 years old.

Applicants must also provide verification that they are medically fit. Nevada applicants must complete the self-certification process. Depending on the circumstances, some applicants may be required to undergo additional medical testing and complete (Form MCSA-5876) Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

Under certain circumstances, some drivers may be disqualified from earning their commercial license in Nevada. For example, drivers who have had their licenses revoked, suspended, denied or canceled are not eligible for a CDL in Nevada. Applicants cannot have driver’s licenses in more than one state.

Nevada CDL Endorsements
H – Hazardous Material
N – Tank Vehicles
P – Passenger Vehicles
S – School Bus
T – Towing a Double or Triple Trailer
X – Combination Tank Vehicle and Hazardous Materials

Hit the Open Road

nevada CDL License Test Tips

Every Nevada CDL applicant must pass the general knowledge test prior to taking the skills test. Bus driver applicants must take the passenger transport test in addition to the bus driver test. Applicants who haul hazardous materials must submit to a TSA background check and take the Hazmat test. Applicants must pass each test with an 80 percent score.

The Nevada skills test includes a pre-trip vehicle inspection, basic control skills and on-road driving. Applicants must pass each section. Recent military veterans and current military members can have the skills test waived if they are currently enlisted in the military or have served in the military within the past 12 months. Also, they can get a waiver if they have operated a motor vehicle equivalent to a commercial motor vehicle in the military within the past year. Applicants are required to complete (Form CDL-004) Certification for Waiver of Skills Tests to be considered for a waiver.

Additional Information

Information on the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles regulates the CDL license requirements in Nevada. To get more information contact them via:


Phone: 702.486.4368


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