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If you want to become a licensed Ohio motorcycle operator, you will need to take the time to study to pass the BMV motorcycle exam. This site offers a free Ohio Motorcycle Practice Test that can be taken as many times as you need. Each practice test provides questions that are based around information found in the Motorcycle Operator Manual that can be found here. The actual test will consist of 40 questions total that are all multiple choice. You will need to get at least 30 of those questions correct. The practice test is an extremely important tool because you will be able to gain a sense of what type of questions may be asked and get some practice on pacing yourself. This site is designed to be an extra tool for you to practice with before you take on the actual exam. Click the “Start Test” button below to begin your Ohio motorcycle test practice exam.

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When braking, you should use:

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If you fail to keep your right wrist flat when you start, you may:

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When riding with a passenger in a sidecar you should always:

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In terms of lane positioning, you should divide the land into:

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If your motorcycle starts to handle differently during a ride you should:

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If your motorcycle has convex mirrors instead of flat mirrors, practicing with them is helpful because:

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If you're stuck in a traffic jam on a freeway the best gear to be in is?

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If your motorcycle starts and then cuts out shortly after and will not restart, the most likely issue is:

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A helmeted rider is how many times more likely to survive a crash than a rider not wearing a helmet?

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You will normally find neutral where on a motorcycle?

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Which surface provides the best traction?

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You should roll on the throttle slightly as you go through a turn so that you:

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Your handlebars should be adjusted so that they are:

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If you are riding in traffic and a small fox runs into your lane, you should:

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A motorcycle with a sidecar:

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When checking tire pressure:

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If wet road conditions create a longer stopping distance, you should:

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If alcohol and drugs are consumed together:

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Cold medicine and other over the counter drugs:

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If operating a three-wheeled motorcycle or riding with a sidecar, avoid the far side of the right lane because:

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Proper motorcycle clothing should:

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When preparing to pass a vehicle on the left, it is important to ride on the left side of your lane because:

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Shifting into a lower gear causes an effect similar to:

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If you are going too fast when you downshift, you run the risk of:

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Where will you usually find the fuel supply valve on a motorcycle?

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Motorcycle License

How To Get an Ohio Motorcycle License

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) requires that all motorcycle license applicants successfully pass a knowledge and an on-cycle skills test. These two tests are to make sure that you understand the rules of the road and all of the responsibilities that come with driving a motorcycle. Applicants who are under the age of 18 have additional requirements including attending and passing an approved driver education course, completing 50 hours of driving (10 of them at night), and completing a motorcycle safety education course. Drivers under age 18 will also need to pass the state written test to earn their license.

If you have just moved to the state of Ohio and already have an official motorcycle license from another state, you will be exempt from taking the knowledge or on-cycle skills test. More information on transferring your motorcycle license can be found at the BMV website.

The Ohio BMV offers a Basic Rider Skills class that allows new riders to learn how to ride and operate a motorcycle. The 16-hour course is offered at various locations and motorcycles and helmets are provided for the students. Anyone interested will need to have a valid Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TIPIC) to sign up for these courses. Upon completion of this course, the BMV will waive your on-cycle skills test to obtain your motorcycle license.

Motorcycle Test

Ohio Motorcycle License Test Tips

The knowledge test will be the first exam you will need to take to obtain your motorcycle license in Ohio. Following this exam will be the on-cycle skills test, which we will discuss further below. All of the questions that you see on the knowledge test are centered around information found in the operator’s manual. When you read through this manual, you should take into account all of the information you are reading because it will teach you how to operate a motorcycle safely in traffic. Experienced rider or not, there’s always something new for you to learn, including statistics on some of the dangers of riding a motorcycle.

You will spend about 20-25 minutes taking an on-cycle skills test. In this exam, you will be asked to demonstrate your skills and ability on a motorcycle. The examiner will want to see that you are able to have control of the bike, maneuver safely through traffic, and know how to operate all the components of the vehicle. When you are taking this test, use all of the knowledge and skills that you practiced because you will be scored with a pass or fail. You can find exam locations and schedule your test with the Ohio BMV here.

Additional Information

Information on the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The Ohio BMV is responsible for testing student drivers and licensing all drivers. To schedule your licensing examination or get more information contact them via:

Website:  https://www.bmv.ohio.gov/dl-mo-motorcycle.aspx
Phone:  844.644.6268
Live Chat:  Open Live Chat Window

To find the office hours and / or location nearest you, please visit:

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