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This site contains free CDL practice tests for Arizona. You can take these practice tests as many times as you would like as you prepare for the Arizona CDL test. Questions are derived from various CDL topics that are represented in the Arizona CDL manual. You will be presented with 40 questions and you must answer 34 test questions correctly to pass. There is a 50-minute time limit. You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the “Start Test” button below to begin your Arizona CDL practice test.

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What is the next step after securing the bus when you have an unruly child on board?

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What is the most important reason for doing a vehicle inspection?

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Some city transit buses may have a brake-door interlock system, this system:

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Play of the steering wheel should not exceed:

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You should brake on a long steep downgrade hill as a supplement to the braking effects of the engine

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The two other places where the hazardous identification number must appear are:

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Select the true statement about converter dollies:

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The _____of the kingpin has the locking jaw close around it.

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It takes special care to drive tankers with liquid in them because:

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When backing, what is the best method to use to avoid blind spots?

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When transporting explosives you may not park:

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Which of the following is NOT a basic step to be taken at a crash scene?

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How often should you check your cargo?

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Of the following hazardous material classes, which is the most dangerous?

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What should you hear when you have the hand valve on and are testing the trailer brakes by opening the service air line at the back of the trailer?

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Two causes of tire fires are ______.

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What do yo need to do before supplying air to the air tanks of the second trailer?

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Under which two special conditions should you downshift?

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Commerical vehicles typically have this type of brake.

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What is the benefit of ABS?

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The most important hand signal you should agree on with a helper is:

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Air tanks should be drained:

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You must not allow riders to stand:

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What placards, if any, do you need if your load includes 20 pounds of Division 2.3 gas and 1,001 pounds of flammable gas?

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How do you secure a second trailer to your combination vehicle?

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You should___when driving down a long steep hill.

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What is the purpose of a driver placarding his or her vehicle?

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Select the true statement in regards to when a bulk tank vehicle stops at an intersection on a slippery surface:

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Select the statement of what you should not do if you are required to drive through flowing water or deep puddles.

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Select the true statement about slack adjusters:

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Select the true statement in regards to driving a truck with triple or double trailers:

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You should be in the proper gear before going down a hill because:

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You must keep shipping papers describing hazardous materials ______.

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The safety valve is usually set to open at:

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This gauge will indicate if the generator or alternator is charging:

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When you have a major leak in the service line and put on the brake, the service air pressure will escape and cause the:

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What does the service brake system do?

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Which of the following are possible causes of tire fires?

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Which of the following statements about special danger of loading and unloading is true?

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When inspecting the_____you pump the pedals 3 times and then hold it down for 5 seconds feeling for no movement to occur.

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CDL Category Practice Tests

CDL Practice Test

How To Get An arizona Commercial Drivers License

All Arizona CDL applicants must possess a valid driver’s license and meet the many eligibility requirements listed here. Arizona residents who are 21 years or older may apply for a commercial driver’s license and any specific endorsements offered. Those residents who are between the ages of 18 and 21 can apply for a restricted commercial driver’s license that only offers intrastate driving and limited endorsement availability. All applicants must possess a medical card from a qualified DOT Medical Examiner.

Any applicants that have the following attributes will be disqualified from receiving a CDL:

  • Being convicted in the past two years of driving a commercial vehicle under the influence.
  • Having more than one driver’s license.
  • Having commercial driving privileges revoked in Arizona or any other U.S. State.
  • Having a suspended or revoked driver’s license.

Those applying for their Arizona-issued commercial driver’s license will be required to take two assessments. These include the knowledge test and the skills test. Depending on the Class and Endorsements that an applicant is seeking, they may be required to partake in more than one knowledge test.


S – School Bus
P – Passengers
T – Doubles and Triples
N – Tanks
H – Hazardous Materials
X – Tanks with Hazmat

Hit the Open Road

arizona CDL License Test Tips

All knowledge tests require a passing score of 80 percent or higher for the applicant to receive their Arizona Commercial Driving Permit. The general knowledge test is comprised of 50 questions regarding commercial vehicles and driving them. Class A drivers will be required to not only complete the general knowledge test, but also a 20 question assessment about combination vehicles. Those seeking endorsements will be required to take a test for each endorsement sought. Hazmat Endorsement requires a 30 question assessment. School Bus Endorsement and the Air Brake Restriction Removal requires a 25 question assessment.

In order to assess an applicant’s ability to operate a commercial vehicle, Arizona testing facilities will require skills tests. These skills tests are comprised of a pre-trip vehicle inspection, on-road driving test, and evaluation of basic control skills. Any applicant that is seeking an endorsement must take the skills test in the type of vehicle the endorsement is intended for.

Additional Information

Information on the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles

The Arizona DMV regulates the certifying and testing of commercial drivers in the state. To get more information contact them via:


Phone:  602.255.0072


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