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Prepare for your Nebraska CDL test here. You can take these Nebraska CDL practice test as many times you would like as you get ready to take the official test and earn your license. The best part? All of the tests on this site are 100% free. You will be presented with 40 questions and you must answer 34 questions correctly to pass. There is a 50-minute time limit.  You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin.

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Carry-on baggage cannot be stored:

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How do you know when your brakes are fading?

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Air tanks need to be drained:

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A disruptive passenger:

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How much space should there be between the lower and upper fifth wheel?

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When should you avoid using the parking brake?

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Select the statement that best explains the "crack-the-whip" effect.

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This object is required to be checked for damage, that it's secure, and strong enough to handle any cargo.

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The locking jaws of the kingpin should close around:

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The gauge that indicates normal or increasing lubrication pressure to prevent engine seizure, failure or breakdown is:

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If you are drowsy, you should _____ before you drive.

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You should____when an emergency requires you to quickly stop due to a crash.

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When would a drive-wheel skid result in a jackknife when pulling doubles?

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Select the true statement about double or triple trailers.

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What does outage mean?

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What is the safest way to stop unruly behavior on the bus?

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You need to raise the landing gear just to the height of where it clears the pavement before driving.

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The emergency air line is _____and the service air line is____.

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If you are already carrying 100 pounds of silver cyanide, what precautions must you take if you are given papers at a dock to carry 100 cartons of battery acid?

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Buses are prohibited from carrying all of the following hazardous materials except:

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You should have the fifth wheel plate greased as recommened because:

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A vehicle placarded for Division 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3 explosives:

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Should your air compressor stop working:

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What is the correct number of red reflective triangles that you should carry?

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One reason hauling liquids in tank vehciles require special care is:

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What is the reason that placards are used?

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When driving tank vehicles you should:

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"Outages" is the word to describe the amount of space required for liquids to expand in as they warm.

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Double and triple trailers should be driven with care to avoid a rollover or jacknife.

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Select the inappropriate way to test for the low pressure warning signal.

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An air system that is fully charged will typically have ___ psi of pressure.

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Rods, connecting links, and arms from the steering box to the wheel are a part of the:

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What does the amount of liquid allowed in the tank depend on?

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When fueling a placarded vehicle, someone must always be:

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The cause of almost half of all truck driver deaths are:

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Never refuel your bus:

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What color are all school buses painted?

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On the Hazardous Materials Table, column 1 shows:

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Select the best description of a baffle tank:

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This gauge will indicate if the generator or alternator is charging:

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CDL Category Practice Tests

CDL Practice Test

How To Get A nebraska Commercial Drivers License

To be eligible for a CDL in Nebraska, applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old to operate a commercial vehicle within the borders of Nebraska and 21 to drive outside of Nebraska.

Applicants must provide verification that they meet the medical requirements. Applicants must complete (Form MCSA-5876) Medical Examiner’s Certificate with an FCSA-approved physician. The document must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles via mail, fax or e-mail.

There are also restrictions on who is able to earn a CDL in Nebraska based on their past driving record as well. Potential CDL applicants who have had their licenses revoked, suspended, denied or canceled are not eligible for a CDL in Nebraska.

H – Hazardous Material
N – Tank Vehicles
P – Passenger Vehicles
S – School Bus
T – Towing a Double or Triple Trailer
X – Combination Tank Vehicle and Hazardous Materials

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nebraska CDL License Test Tips

All Nebraska CDL applicants must pass the written knowledge test prior to taking the skills test. There are 50 questions on the general knowledge test, and applicants must answer 40 questions correctly. To be eligible for an endorsement, applicants must take a separate test for each endorsement. Applicants must answer 80 percent of the questions on each test correctly.

The Nebraska skills test includes a pre-trip vehicle inspection, basic control skills and on-road driving. Applicants must pass each evaluation. Recent military veterans and current military members can qualify to have the skills test waived if they were discharged from the military within the past year or are currently enlisted in the reserves or service. Or, they are eligible if they have operated a motor vehicle equivalent to a commercial motor vehicle in the military. Applicants must complete an Application for Military Skills Test Waiver. This document must be certified by a commanding officer.

Additional Information

Information on the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles regulates the CDL license requirements in Nebraska. To get more information contact them via:


Phone: 402.471.3861

Contact Locations:


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