Truck Driving Schools Near Me

You made the decision.  You are certain that life on the open road is what you seek.  We are glad to hear it–your country needs you!  The shortage of truck drivers in America is at an all-time high and the problem is only expected to get worse over the coming years.  In addition to offering practice driver’s license tests, CDL tests, and motorcycle tests, Driving Test Sample has put together a comprehensive list of truck driving schools from across all 50 states and Washington DC. Find your state from the map (or links) below, click, and you’ll be taken to a page with complete listings for your state to help you quickly find the perfect school for you.  Good luck…and thank you!

If something with our maps or links is not working correctly or is out of date, please contact us and we will update these pages accordingly.

Truck Driving School
Listings by State

That map above is pretty slick and works quite nicely.  Regardless, sometimes you just want a plain old link.  The links below will guide you to the specific page for your state.  From there, you can find the location of the most convenient truck driving school for you.

Don’t Forget to Prepare for Your Test!

Many propsective truck drivers find that driving school is a fantastic way to absorb all the knowledge required to obtain a CDL and get started earning money on the open road.  Others prefer to practice, practice, practice!  There’s no better way to stuff all those critical skills into your head than to use our CDL Practice Tests as well as our CDL Category Tests.  With those resources you will be well-prepared for any tricky questions the CDL examiner might throw at you.

For nearly any type of driver we have testing resources to help with your studies and improve your scores. All of the resources on this website are completely free to use so please take advantage of our extensive database of questions.