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Welcome to the CDL practice test site for New Jersey. Questions from these tests cover rules and regulations in the NJ CDL manual. These questions are written to prepare you for the official NJ CDL test as you look to obtain your New Jersey CDL. You are welcome to take these New Jersey CDL permit practice tests as many times as you like as all of the tests on this site are free. You will be presented with 40 questions and you must answer 34 questions correctly to pass. There is a 50 minute time limit. You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin.

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A tractor should not be backed under a trailer until the whole air system is:

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What do you need to do to supply air to the air tanks of the second trailer?

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Where can you find a shipper’s certification?

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If hazardous material is spilling from your vehicle, do not move your vehicle:

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When a substance in the materials table is written in italics it means :

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The best way to describe a dual air brake system is:

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Select the statement of what you should not do if you are required to drive through flowing water or deep puddles.

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How often should you check the tires if your placarded trailer has dual tires?

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While completing the 1st component of the air brake check you are required to fully push down on the foot brake and _____.

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Which of the following must drivers have in their possession while transporting class A or B explosives?

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If there is no traffic light or attendant, how far from the draw of a drawbridge must you stop?

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Which of the following three hazard classes should NOT be placed into a temperature-controlled trailer (one with a heater/air conditioner unit)?

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What should you check for when inspecting a converter dolly?

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Select the reason as to why air tanks need to be drained:

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What is the movement of the liquid called when the tanks are partially filled?

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When stopping for railroad tracks, you must stop no closer than how many feet before the nearest track?

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Select the true statement in regards to the liquid inside of a bulk tank causing a tank truck to roll sideways.

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What is most likely to occur when driving a set of doubles and a set of trailer wheels goes into a skid?

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Select how brakes work on long, steep downgrades:

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Your bus is disabled. With riders aboard, the bus may be towed or pushed to a safe place only:

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Spring brakes are usually held back by_____during normal driving.

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You should_____to uncouple the converter dolly.

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What are the dividers that are inside tankers that have an opening at the bottom and top?

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This object should not have any missing parts, be fully raised, the crank handle is secured, and that there is no damage to the frame.

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A trailer is at the right height to have the tractor backed up to it when:

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Which of the following is NOT something you need to know in order to determine if you need to use placards?

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Rods, connecting links, and arms from the steering box to the wheel are a part of the:

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Cargo tanks ____.

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Drivers who transport route controlled radioactive materials must carry a dated certificate of radioactive materials training. This training must have ocurred within the last:

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When using turn signals, which of the following should be avoided?

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Under which two special conditions should you downshift?

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Select the statement that is not part of the air-brake system:

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What is the standee line?

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What is the purpose of cladding in a tanker?

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How should the pintle hook be when backing a dolly under the second trailer?

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Select the best description of a baffle tank:

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Select the true statement in regards to driving a truck with triple or double trailers:

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Should your air compressor stop working:

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You should be extra cautious when___while driving a smooth bore tanker combination.

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What is most likely to occur when the front wheels begin to skid?

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CDL Practice Test

How To Get A new jersey Commercial Drivers License

To be eligible for a CDL in New Jersey, applicants must be at least 18 years old to operate within state lines and must be at least 21 to drive a commercial vehicle across state lines. To be eligible to drive a commercial vehicle in New Jersey, applicants must provide verification that they are medically fit to operate a commercial vehicle. New Jersey applicants must pass a vision test and have 20/40 vision in each eye.

All applicants must submit the following documents when they apply for a CDL.

  • (Form MCSA-5876) Medical Examiner’s Certificate
  • CDL Holder Self-Certification Form

Drivers who have had their licenses revoked, suspended, denied or canceled are not eligible for a CDL in New Jersey. Applicants must possess a basic New Jersey Class D driver’s license.

New Jersey CDL Endorsements

  • H – Hazmat Vehicles
  • N – Tank Vehicles
  • P – Passenger Vehicles
  • S – School Bus
  • T – Towing a Double or Triple Trailer

Hit the Open Road

new jersey CDL License Test Tips

Every New Jersey CDL applicant must pass the general knowledge test prior to taking the skills test. This test consists of 50 questions. To pass the New Jersey test, applicants must score 80 percent or higher. There are additional tests for applicants who want to drive specialized commercial vehicles. The New Jersey skills test can be taken 20 days after applicants pass the knowledge test. It includes a pre-trip vehicle inspection, basic control skills and on-road driving. Applicants must pass each section.

Military veterans who were discharged within 12 months of completing the CDL application and active military members can have the skills exam waived if they meet the requirements. To qualify for a waiver, applicants must show proof of military enlistment or discharge or have operated a motor vehicle equivalent to a commercial motor vehicle in the military within 12 months of the application date. In addition, applicants must possess a valid New Jersey driver’s license and submit an application for a Military Skills Test Waiver that is signed by the commanding officer.

Additional Information

Information on the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission provides oversight for the CDL license requirements in New Jersey. To get more information contact them via:


Phone: 609.292.6500


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