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This site offers you the ability to take a practice Alaska DMV test in preparation for the official Alaska permit test and Alaska driving test. Having a driver’s license in Alaska allows you the ability to drive around the most scenic state in the United States. If you’re preparing for your Alaska DMV permit test, this site is a valuable tool to help you pass your knowledge test and road test. You’ll need to ace both in order to qualify for an Alaska driver’s license. In addition, you also must pass a vision test, a road test and an alcohol and drug awareness knowledge test. In our practice written tests you will have to answer questions that are very similar to the actual Alaska Driving Written Knowledge test. Candidates must answer 16 of 20 questions correctly in order to pass the test. Click the “Start Test” button below to begin.

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A solid red arrow means what?

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What is the meaning of this sign?

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You should_____ because weather conditions effect your vehicle.

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What direction do you turn the front wheels when parking in an up hill direction?

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A school bus has stopped in the opposite direction you are driving, and you are on a highway with separated roadways with two or more lanes in each direction, what should you do?

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Which light means that you should decrease speed and proceed with caution at an intersection?

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You are approaching an uncontrolled intersection, what should you do?

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In Alaska, how many feet must you give a turn signal before making the turn?

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What do you use if you are driving slower than other traffic on a multi-lane highway?

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On the roadway there is a painted arrow, what does this mean?

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The shape and color of this sign indicates:

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What is the meaning of this sign?

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If you are turning right from a two way street onto another two way street what should you do?

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In the front seat of a vehicle how many passengers are allowed?

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Either the driver or the vehicle owner must carry ______ in the vehicle according to the Mandatory Insurance Law.

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During the daytime when visibility is reduced to ______ your headlight must be turned on

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A school bus with red lights activated made you stop, when can you resume driving?

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If you approach an unlit traffic signal what should you do?

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At what distance should you dim your lights when approaching another vehicle at night?

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When backing up what is the best way to increase visibility?

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Drivers License

How To Get An Alaska Drivers License

In Alaska, driver’s license regulations are handled by the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles office. Drivers may apply for a driving permit starting at the age of 14 in Alaska. For those that applying for a permit, a permit application must be completed, in addition to providing multiple forms of identification, birth date, social security number and address. Those that are under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or provide a notarized parental consent form. Drivers must be of a minimum age of 16 to obtain a provisional driver’s license. Those that are the ages of 16-18 may obtain a provisional license. Once an individual with a clean provisional license record turns 18, they may qualify for an Alaska Driver’s License.

After receiving a driver’s permit, drivers must wait 6 months before applying for a provisional driver’s license.  In addition to being a minimum of 16 years of age, drivers must also prove that they have completed a training of 40 hours with 10 of those being driving in adverse conditions, such as poor weather and / or nighttime driving. At this time, candidates must then pass their written knowledge test, vision test, road test and alcohol and drug awareness test. In addition, they must pay a $15 driver application fee.

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Pass The Test

How To Pass the Alaska Driving Permit Test

If you’re concerned about how you’ll perform when test day arrives, here are some tips that may prove useful as you prepare:

  • Practice, practice, practice. This means you should be practicing with your learner’s permit and also taking as many practice tests as you can to familiarize yourself with test questions and road signs.
  • Practice like you’ll be tested. If possible drive the same car and in the same area where you’ll be tested on exam day. If you’re familiar with the vehicle, speed limits, and potential hazards you’ll be much more comfortable and less prone to making silly mistakes.

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  • Give your car an inspection a day or two before the exam - make sure the windshield and windows are clean, adjust your mirrors and check the AC, turn signal, wipers, lights, defrost, emergency brake, horn and hazard lights to make sure they’re all in functional condition.
  • Gather up all of your necessary paperwork like your proof of registration, insurance and permit the night before the exam and have them ready to go so you’re not scrambling to find them in the morning.

Additional Information

Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles Information

To schedule a driving skills test, you'll need to contact the Alaska DMV using the following information:
Phone:  907.269.5551

Find the DMV location closest to you by visiting:
You can also schedule your drivers test online by following the instructions on this page.

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