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Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, Minnesota offers ample opportunities for road trips. Of course, if you want to be in charge of your road trip you’ll need to have a valid Minnesota driver’s license. This site is designed to help you earn your driver’s license by offering helpful information on earning your license along with practice permit tests and practice driver’s license tests for the state of Minnesota. Our multiple choice practice tests are designed to prepare you for the 40 question written test you’ll take after you’ve earned your instruction permit and passed the permit test MN requires before allowing you on the road. Our bank of test questions is completely free and you can take it as often as you’d like. The test covers road rules and identification of road signs to gauge your understanding of Minnesota driving laws. The tests work on computers as well as mobile devices, so feel free to take them whenever and wherever is convenient. In this 40 question test, you must answer 32 correctly to pass. There is no time limit. You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the "Start Quiz" button below to begin. 

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Unless indicated otherwise by traffic signals, the speed limit under ideal driving conditions in urban or town roads is:

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You should remember that ______ when driving on wet roadways.

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_____ is the term for open alcoholic beverages in the vehicle.

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You should allow a larger space cushion when stopping:

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This sign indicates:

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You must ____ when passing another vehicle.

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Select the situation in which you are unable to be granted a license or instruction permit.

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This sign indicates:

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This sign indicates:

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The background color of the Wrong Way sign is:

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Your high-beam headlights will let you see about ____ at night.

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This traffic light has the same meaning as a stop sign.

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You may not pass another car on either side of a _______ centerline.

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The minimum period of license revocation following a third DWI offense is:

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If you are involved in a traffic crash in Minnesota and do not have insurance information on-hand to give to the law enforcement officer on the scene, you must provide it within how many hours?

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You should ___ to avoid being in the blind spot of a truck or bus driver.

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Before changing lanes you can check your blind spot by:

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You must _____ to inform other motorists of your intentions when you wish to make a turn or change lanes.

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The combination of these signs indicate:

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Select the statement that is true about signaling before making a sudden stop.

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This object on the vehicle must be in proper working order.

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SIPDE stands for:

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You must be at least ____ years old to qualify and obtain a provisional license.

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A center lane between lanes of traffic traveling in opposite directions may be designated for:

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Your driving privileges will be ____ should you be caught driving over 100 mph.

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The youngest you can legally drink alcohol is ____.

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You are required to ___ when approaching or passing a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights flashing.

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You must maintain ___ from other vehicles when towing a camper or trailer with your vehicle.

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A large cross or plus symbol on a yellow warning sign indicates:

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You must ___ to make a right turn at a corner with a bicycle lane.

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A sign that is in the shape of a pentagon and is yellow is used for:

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The definition of a blind spot in an area of the road is:

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A car or truck must have at least ______ brake system(s).

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Select the area in which you are allowed to park and leave your vehicle.

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A green arrow on a traffic control signal indicates:

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The driver of _______ must yield the right of way when two vehicles reach an intersection at the same time with no traffic light or signal.

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You should use _____ to indicate a turn if your turn signals are not functioning.

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Select the statement that is true in regards to license plate lights.

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This sign indicates:

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A flashing yellow X Sign means:

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Drivers License

How To Get A Minnesota Drivers License

Minnesota has a graduated driver’s licensing system for teen drivers. The first step is to purchase a driver’s Ed course and get a permit. For students age 15 or over, you must have completed the classroom part of your driver’s Ed course and be enrolled in the behind –the-wheel portion. You must also pass a written knowledge test (available on paper or on a computer at certain locations) and a vision test. The learner’s permit fee is $13.25. You must pass a knowledge test with a score of at least 80 percent. That means you’ll need to correctly answer at least 32 of the 40 question (multiple choice and true or false) to pass. You may retake the test again for free, but not on the same day. If you need to take the test more times, there is a $10 charge per test. When moving to Minnesota, you have 60 days to register your learner’s permit or intermediate driver’s license with the DVS (essentially the Minnesota DMV). You may apply for a Minnesota intermediate driver’s license if you’ve had your learner’s permit in the previous state for 6 months, you are 16 years or older, and you have completed Minnesota driver’s Ed requirements of 30 classroom hours and 6 behind-the-wheel hours. To get your intermediate driver’s license you must also provide a certified copy of your driving record (to prove you’ve had your permit for 6 months), submit proof of out-of-state driver’s ed course completion, submit your out-of-state learner’s permit, complete and pass the permit test, pass a vision test and road test and pay an additional fee of $25.25.To transfer your out-of-state learner’s permit to Minnesota you need to provide two forms of identification (birth certificate, passport, social security card or other approved document), submit your out-of-state learner’s permit, pass the written knowledge test, complete the application and pay a fee of $13.25. With a learner’s permit, you may only drive with a licensed driver age 21 or over in the vehicle and you may not use a cell phone or hands-free device while driving.You may apply for a Minnesota Intermediate License at age 16, after having your learner’s permit for 6 months, been driving with no moving, drug or alcohol violations, and you’ve passed all the driver’s ed requirements (written and driving). There is also a Farm Work License available to those under age 18 that follows the same guidelines, with a farm work restriction.

Pass The Test

How To Pass the Minnesota Driver's License Test

As you can tell, there’s a lot of hoops to jump through to earn your MN driver’s license. However, if you prepare properly you can pass the test on the first try. The following tips can improve your chances.

  • Make the Minnesota driver’s manual your new best friend (link below). This is basically the Minnesota driving bible, it has all of the answers and all of the information you’ll need to pass the knowledge and driving tests - so read it and learn it inside and out.

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  • Use sites like this one with Minnesota driver’s test practice exams to get comfortable with the types of questions you’ll see on the exam. You can see your scores and gauge your progress as you study to see how much more you need to learn and you can also identify areas where you need to spend more time with the state driver’s manual).
  • Take your time on the test. Too many people rush through the exam but there’s no prize for finishing first. If you rush you may misread important details that cause you to answer incorrectly. Take your time and focus, every question matters!

Additional Information

Information on Minnesota Department of Public Safety

For the latest information on Minnesota’s driver requirements as well as information on vehicle licensing, fees and testing, please see the Minnesota DVS website https://dps.mn.gov/divisions/dvs/Pages/default.aspx.

Phone: 651.201.7000

To find Minnesota motor vehicle and driver license office hours and the location nearest you, visit https://drivingtestsample.com/dmv-locations/minnesota/

Additional Minnesota Drivers License Helpful Links

Please use the links below to learn more about helpful topics related to the Minnesota drivers license test or other Minnesota drivers license related topics.