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Our passion is education and bringing knowledge to people who want to learn. In 2015, we started our first learning platform website. Through online communications we noticed that our visitors were really interested in absorbing the information we had laid out.

Since that time, we have launched bigger, better, newer, and more fantastic learning sites. Some of our sites focus on intelligence, others on military readiness, and yet others on trivia and whimsy. This site happens to focus on driving tests. We're glad you're here. We're glad you found us and we hope you stay awhile.

It's often defined as a part of the American Dream--the freedom to get behind the wheel of a car and drive anywhere. For many teenagers and young people, it is something they aspire to do for months and possibly years prior to being eligible to receive a drivers license. However, driving is a privilege and comes with great responsibility.

There's a reason that states don't automatically hand out driver's licenses based on a person's age and some simple paperwork. Each state in the U.S. requires candidates applying for a driver's license go through a defined process of education, practice, and testing.

Included this process is normally paperwork and documentation, but also a series of eye, written and driving tests. The written portions of these tests can be difficult, and if taken for granted, those aspiring to get their freedom from a drivers license will be returning to take the tests again after failing. Each state has different rules and regulations of the road. We want aspiring drivers to not only be prepared for these written tests, but to actually know the content and rules so that they are indeed safe drivers once they hit the road. Our goal is to have sample driving tests that best mirror the written exams that candidates will take once they go to their respective department of motor vehicles. We want candidates to take these with confidence and to take the road with confidence too. The same goes for those that are candidates to gain their motorcycle or commercial drivers licenses.

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Kenny writes and updates test questions, reviews state drivers license manuals, and updates content to make sure that you are using the most up to date information in preparation for your written driving test.

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Ashley has 9 years of website development and online test design experience. Ashley manages everything website related and works hard to ensure that you have a great experience using our website.

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Gustav keeps watch, keeps us in line, and is the first to let us know when the taco truck shows up for lunch. He is invaluable in our office!


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