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This site is available to take practice questions to prepare for the Hawaii CDL test. The tests are free and you are able to take them as many times as you would like as you look to obtain a Hawaii CDL. You will be presented with 40 questions and you must answer 34 questions correctly to pass. There is a 50-minute time limit.  You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin. 

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When driving on a clear night with the vehicle lights on, your speed should be such that you can stop within _____.

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You are driving a 40 foot truck at 35 MPH, how much space (in seconds) should you keep in front of you?

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The system that needs to be checked for signs of leaks with rust or carbon soot and damage is the _____.

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If students must cross the street, when they get off the bus, which statement is true?

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What are you checking when looking at the lubrication level on a dipstick?

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You should brake on a long steep downgrade hill as a supplement to the braking effects of the engine

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Do converter dollies have spring brakes?

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To test the tractor-trailer connection for security, you should:

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If you must stop on the shoulder of the road, you should place warning devices at all of the following places except...

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School buses are one of the safest means of transportation. What two key factors contribute to this impressive safety record?

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A disruptive passenger:

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The reason a bulk liquid tanker is hard to handle is:

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The compressor is connected to the engine via _____?

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You should keep a minimum of ____between another vehicle and the double trailer with 100 ft truck driving at 30 mph.

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You should____to check the free play of manual slack adjusters on S-Cam brakes.

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How often should air tanks be drained?

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Select the true statement about convex ("spot") mirrors.

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What are spring brakes?

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When this item is missing or loose, movement may occur between the fifth wheel assembly and the frame.

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What is the next step after securing the bus when you have an unruly child on board?

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What color are all school buses painted?

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How should you know when to shift?

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At 55 miles-per-hour it takes about 6 seconds to stop a fully loaded truck and the braking distance is:

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This object should not be spliced, cut, chafed, or worn through to allow steel braid to show.

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Select the statement that best explains the "crack-the-whip" effect.

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The crack-the-whip effect is more likely to cause the front trailer to tip over.

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Select the true statement in regards to quick steering movements and double trailers:

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The baffles in a tank trailer help to control:

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Select the statement that is true in regards to what is required of a driver with a double or triple trailers:

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What action should you take before driving while drowsy?

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Some city transit buses may have a brake-door interlock system, this system:

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Upon what does the amount of liquid you can carry in a load depend?

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What does it mean when the safety valve releases air?

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What will occur as a result of failing to perform all 3 components of the air brake check?

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How can you check slack adjusters?

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Select the first action to do when the low air pressure warning comes on:

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The most stable tanker shape is:

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Why does it take special skills to haul a tank vehicle?

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Which of the following types of cargo must never be carried on a bus with passengers?

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Select the correct setup for shut-off valves:

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CDL Category Practice Tests

CDL Practice Test

How To Get A hawaii Commercial Drivers License

Applicants can apply for a CDL at age 18. Only applicants over the age of 21 years old can drive commercial vehicles in other states than Hawaii. Hazmat Endorsements and transporting persons is restricted to those applicants that are 21 years or older. Those applying for a commercial driver’s license must supply a DOT medical card and pass a vision assessment at the Hawaii State testing facility.

If any of the following statements are true about an applicant, they are automatically disqualified from receiving a CDL.

  • Having more than one driver’s license.
  • Being disqualified from commercial driving privileges in another state.
  • Having a driving impaired conviction in a commercial vehicle in the past 24 months.
  • Having a suspended, denied, canceled, or revoked license.

Applicants must successfully pass both a knowledge test and a practical skills test in order to be eligible for their CDL.

H – Hazardous Materials
X – Tank with Hazmat
N – Tank Vehicles
P – Passenger Vehicle
T – Triples / Double Rigs

Hit the Open Road

hawaii CDL License Test Tips

To obtain a CDL, all applicants must complete a knowledge test. This knowledge test contains 50 questions about the topic of commercial driving. All applicants for Class A CDLs must complete an additional 20 questions about combination driving. Those looking to obtain endorsements or to remove the Air Brake restriction will need to take additional assessments. Those seeking the Passenger, Doubles/Triples, and Tank Endorsements will need to pass a 20 question test. Those looking for the School Bus Endorsement and/or the Air Brake Restriction Removal will need to complete a 25 question test. The Hazmat Endorsement requires successful completion of a 30 question test. A passing score is marked at 80 percent or above.

Applicants must successfully complete a three-section skills assessment. This includes a vehicle inspection, driving test, and basic control skills test. This showcases the applicant’s ability to properly operate a commercial vehicle. Applicants must utilize the vehicle they are seeking an endorsement with to obtain their CDL endorsement.

Additional Information

Hawaii Division of Motor Vehicles Information

The State of Hawaii County of Hawaii Vehicle Registration and Licensing Division regulates CDL requirements and testing in Hawaii. To get more information contact them via:

Website: http://www.hawaiicounty.gov/finance-cdl-general-info

Phone:  808.961.2222

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