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You will need to set aside time to practice for the New Hampshire motorcycle endorsement skills test. While there isn't a written knowledge motorcycle exam for New Hampshire, this site will help you to prepare for the actual skills test by providing you with all the information you need. Everything on these sample motorcycle tests will come straight out of the information from the Motorcycle Operator Manual that can be downloaded here. There will be 40 questions for you to answer on the actual test and you must get at least 32 of them correct, to get a passing score of 80%. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin.

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If you have to brake during a curve, the first thing you should do is:

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The gear shift lever is located:

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Shifting into a lower gear causes an effect similar to:

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Riding with a passenger:

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How can you encourage cars to avoid trying to share your lane?

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When you upshift gear, you should:

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In a motorcycle and car crash, the blame usually falls on:

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Why do motorcycles need more attention than cars?

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In car and motorcycle collisions, what percent are caused by the driver failing to properly yield the right-of-way to the rider?

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Should you wear a riding jacket if the weather is warm?

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Which of the following should you inspect during a pre-ride check?

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If braking in a curve:

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If you are going too fast when you downshift, you run the risk of:

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Brightly-colored helmets:

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How much of a motorcycle's braking power does the front brake provide?

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You should check to make sure that your brake light:

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How should the throttle respond when you release it?

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Where will you usually find the fuel supply valve on a motorcycle?

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When checking tire pressure:

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When approaching a curve your priority should be to:

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A helmeted rider is how many times more likely to survive a crash than a rider not wearing a helmet?

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In ideal conditions, your following distance should be:

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When positioning yourself in a lane:

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To best stay in control of a motorcycle a rider should:

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When riding with a passenger in a sidecar you should always:

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Motorcycle License

How To Get A New Hampshire Motorcycle License

Riding a motorcycle in New Hampshire means that you will need to take a couple of tests to get your motorcycle license issued by New Hampshire’s DMV. Applicants have the option of attending and successfully passing a motorcycle Basic Rider Class or by taking the DMV motorcycle on-cycle skills test. In addition, applicants must also pass a knowledge test. Applicants who are 16-18 years old will be required to take a motorcycle Basic Rider Class, pass the knowledge test, and provide parental permission.

New residents of New Hampshire who already have an official motorcycle license, that’s not expired, from another state will be exempt from having to take the knowledge or skills test again. You can check out your local DMV website for more information on obtaining your motorcycle license in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire DMV Motorcycle Rider Training Program allows basic, intermediate, and experienced riders to get hands on training with an instructor. Students will also spend a few hours in the classroom learning about the laws of riding a motorcycle and even some lifesaving skills. Applicants who pass the Basic Rider Course will have their on-cycle skills test waived. Those who are interested in this program or want the class schedule can visit their website or call (603) 227-4025.

Motorcycle Test

New Hampshire Motorcycle License Test Tips

The New Hampshire motorcycle knowledge test is the first exam you’ll need to take in order to obtain your motorcycle license. This exam will test your knowledge on how to safely operate a motorcycle on state roads. Some of the topics you’ll see on the timed test will be related to intersections, avoiding crashes, and how to safely get off the road. You want to review the Motorcycle Operator Manual because all of the questions on this test will be centered around the information found in it.

The On-Cycle Skills Test is the second exam you’ll need to make sure you are prepared for in order to obtain your motorcycle license. This exam will test your ability to operate a motorcycle in traffic and you will be scored on your decision-making decisions in various traffic scenarios. You will have two chances to take this test. If you fail both times, you will then be required to take a motorcycle rider training class to apply for your motorcycle license. You can schedule your test by calling (603) 227-4020. More information can also be found here.

Additional Information

Information on the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles

The DMV is responsible for testing student drivers and licensing all drivers. To schedule your licensing examination or get more information contact them via:

Phone:  603.227.4020
Email:  [email protected]

To find the office hours and / or location nearest you, please visit:

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