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Knowledge is power and before you’ll be given the power to drive a motorcycle in Maine you’ll need the knowledge. Our practice tests are designed to get you up to date on what the real deal will entail. Both the knowledge test and our practice tests are based on the Maine Motorcycle Operator Manual, which can be picked up at your local DMV or downloaded here. The best way to take advantage of the resources on this website is to read the operator’s manual and then take the test. Click the “Start Test” button below to begin your Maine motorcycle license practice test.

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Maine Motorcycle Test

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Motorcycle License

How To Get A Maine Motorcycle License

Getting a motorcycle license in Maine requires passing both a written knowledge test and a hands-on cycle test through an eligible rider education program. Like any other type of license, you must also go through a vision screening. Learner’s permits are available and allow those that want to practice on their motorcycle the opportunity. Permits are valid for two years, with users required to wear a helmet and ineligible to carry a passenger during this time. Anyone 18 years or older and have passed the prerequisites are eligible for a motorcycle license. Individuals that are between that are younger than 18 but 16 or older must complete a basic driver education course before.

While motorcycle licenses from other states can be used on Maine’s roads, those that move to the state are required to get a new license within the first 30 days of their new residency in the country’s most northeastern state. Everyone who has a motorcycle endorsement from another state, with the exception of Alabama, are eligible to waive any testing. Get in contact with your local DMV for more information.

All new riders are required to take a Basic Rider Course. This 15-hour class operates between a classroom and hands-on road training. In this class, you’ll be taught everything you need to know about how a motorcycle runs, what skills you need to drive one, and some basic understanding of the world of driving a motorcycle on Maine’s roads. These courses range throughout the state, with those accredited by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation found here. If you pass the knowledge part of the exam you’ll be eligible for a learner’s permit. If you go the extra mile and complete the skills test you’ll be given a certificate of completion that lets you get your motorcycle license straight out.

Motorcycle Test

Maine Motorcycle License Test Tips

The written exam portion of the motorcycle endorsement shows that you are familiar with all the safe techniques and operation of your motorcycle. In this test, you’ll answer a series of multiple choice questions that touch on what you need to do in certain traffic situations. If you use this website’s resources to its full potential coupled with the operator’s manual you are sure to get a passing grade on this exam. A typical passing score is 80% or higher.

If you have done the right studying and put in your practice on the motorcycle then you are probably ready for the skills test. In this part of the exam, you’ll be teamed up with an examiner who will rate your ability to control and operate your motorcycle. You’ll have to follow a series of instructions that you will then follow such as turning, accelerating, swerving, and much more. Overall, this short test will prove to the state of Maine that you are competent enough to drive on the highway safely. Get in contact with The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles to schedule an appointment.

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Information on the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The Maine BMV is responsible for testing student drivers and licensing all drivers. To schedule your licensing examination or get more information contact them via:

Phone:  207.624.9000

To find the office hours and / or location nearest you, please visit:

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