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Put the rubber to the road with a Massachusetts motorcycle endorsement. To be legal to drive on the road you must have a Class M on your license or learner’s permit. In order to get this Class M designation, you must pass both a written knowledge test and an on-cycle skills test. In order to apply for this testing, you must be 16 years old, a resident of Massachusetts, and pass an eye exam. If you are under the age of 18 you must have consent from your parent or guardian. Learner’s permits are available for those that feel they can’t pass the skills test but want to practice in a controlled environment. People with learner’s permits are restricted on when and where they can drive. When you take one of our practice tests you’ll be given a brief score sheet that will tell you which ones you get wrong. Keep these questions in mind so you can look at them up in your manual. Click the “Start Test” button below to begin.

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Massachusetts Motorcycle Test

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Motorcycle License

How To Get A Massachusetts Motorcycle License

Before you begin your motorcycle training in earnest you have to prove you know a thing or two about what you’re getting into. This website is designed to get you familiar with all the ins and outs of these machines and setting you up to pass your endorsement exam. You should first read the Massachusetts Motorcycle Manual, which can be picked up at your local DMV or downloaded online.

If you have just moved to Massachusetts and have a motorcycle endorsement from another state then you may be eligible to waive any testing. Get in contact with your local DMV for more information on the process for transferring your license or applying for a new Massachusetts endorsement.

The Massachusetts Rider Program (MREP) is a string of courses that take someone with only the most rudimentary skills and knowledge of motorcycles and turns them into a Massachusetts endorsed rider. This multi-hour course is divided between classroom lessons that teach everything needed to know about motorcycles and hands-on demonstrations that give participants first-hand knowledge of how to operate these machines. Once passed, you’ll be given a certificate that can be turned in to your local DMV and waive any testing through them. Courses are offered throughout the state.

Motorcycle Test

Massachusetts Motorcycle License Test Tips

The first part of the motorcycle test is the knowledge exam. In this test, you will be given 25 minutes to answer 25 multiple choice questions that touch on an array of subjects. You’ll be asked questions signifying your familiarity with protective gear, safe techniques to use in a variety of situations, and proper skills you’ll need to use every day. The practice tests on this site, when used in combination with the operator manual, will ensure that you get a passing grade of 80% (20 questions) or higher when you take the knowledge exam.

Once you pass the knowledge portion of the test, the skills part is up next. This where you show straight out your skills when operating a motorcycle. During this brief test, you’ll be teamed up with an examiner who will give you a set of instructions and grade you based on how well you carry them out. You can expect basic techniques like stopping and accelerating; along with more advanced skills such as swerving and parking. To schedule one of these tests get in contact with one of your local DMV or set up an appointment online.

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Information on the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Mass RMV is responsible for testing student drivers and licensing all drivers. To schedule your licensing examination or get more information contact them via:


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