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Racing down the highway on two wheels is exciting but requires the proper endorsements in the state of Maryland beforehand. Only people with a Class M license are allowed to drive a motorcycle. Before you get this license you'll be required to pass a knowledge exam and on-cycle skills test. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible, with those under the age of 18 only allowed after they complete a Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program's Basic Rider Course. Learner's permits are available and give no riders the opportunity to practice on their motorcycle in a controlled environment. Motorcycle Licenses are available separate from typical Maryland driver's licenses or as an upgrade. When applying you may be required to pass a vision screening and have a 3-hour drug and alcohol certificate. Our practice tests will help you prepare for the Maryland motorcyle license knowledge test. You will be presented with 25 questions and you must answer 20 questions correctly to pass. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin.

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Riding with a passenger:

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Going through a curve, you should look where you want to go by turning:

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Expand the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you when:

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If wet road conditions create a longer stopping distance, you should:

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If operating a three-wheeled motorcycle or riding with a sidecar, avoid the far side of the right lane because:

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The gear shift lever is located:

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In a motorcycle and car crash, the blame usually falls on:

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Why do motorcycles need more attention than cars?

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If your motorcycle starts and then cuts out shortly after and will not restart, the most likely issue is:

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The best way to avoid a crash is to:

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Taking corners too fast:

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You will normally find neutral where on a motorcycle?

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If you fail to keep your right wrist flat when you start, you may:

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To best stay in control of a motorcycle a rider should:

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If your motorcycle starts to handle differently during a ride you should:

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A good way of 'bonding' with your motorcycle is to:

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Brightly-colored helmets:

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A helmeted rider is how many times more likely to survive a crash than a rider not wearing a helmet?

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If you're stuck in a traffic jam on a freeway the best gear to be in is?

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A critical head injury is __________ times more likely when a motorcycle rider is not wearing a helmet during a crash.

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When positioning yourself in a lane:

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When should you reduce your following distance?

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Cold medicine and other over the counter drugs:

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Where will you usually find the fuel supply valve on a motorcycle?

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Which of the following should you inspect during a pre-ride check?

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Motorcycle License

How To Get A Maryland Motorcycle License

The best way to pass a test is to study and the best way to study for the knowledge test is to use this website. Our questions are based on what you’ll have to go through on the actual test. The good news is that if you fail our practice test you can take it again! If you are really serious about doing well on this test than you first need to look through the MVA Motorcycle Operator Manual available at your local DMV or download it online. When you take our test make sure to note which parts you get wrong so you can go back through your manual to restudy those sections.

If you're just moving to Maryland and have a valid motorcycle license or endorsement from another state, you'll only need to pass the vision test requirements to transfer your license. You won't need to take the knowledge or skills test unless your license has lapsed for a year or more.

If you are under the age of 18 or just feel you need a little bit of help when it comes to earning your motorcycle permit than the state of Maryland has you covered. Basic Rider Courses are available that teach participants the skills and strategies necessary for safe motorcycle operation. So effective are the instructors that people who go through this course are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident. Courses are all over the state.

Motorcycle Test

Maryland Motorcycle License Test Tips

In the first part of the endorsement exam, you'll have to test your knowledge of how a motorcycle works. If you use this site and read the operator manual than you should know everything that will already be on it like basic operation, what to do in certain traffic situations and the rules of the road. To pass this exam you'll be required to get 80% of the 25 multiple choice questions correct, or a total of 20. Once completed you will be eligible for a Learner's Permit, which gives you the ability to practice on your motorcycle before the skills test.

Once you feel you are ready you'll need to take the skills portion of the test. This short test will team you up with an examiner that will give you a series of instructions which you must follow to the best of your ability. In this test you will show you can handle common skills like accelerating, turning, and braking; along with more advanced techniques like swerving and stopping abruptly. To schedule a test you'll need to get ahold of the Maryland Department of Transportation.

Additional Information

Information on the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

The MDOT is responsible for testing student drivers and licensing all drivers. To schedule your licensing examination or get more information contact them via:

Phone:  443.572.8236
Email:  [email protected]

To find the office hours and / or location nearest you, please visit:

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