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Welcome to the sample Georgia Driving Test Practice page. This site is designed for you to practice the Georgia knowledge exam so that you are ready to pass it. There two sections to the knowledge exam, the Road Signs Test and the Road Rules Test. In this online version, those two portions will be mixed randomly. You will be presented with 40 questions and you must answer 30 questions correctly to pass.  There is no time limit.  You may not go back once you answer a question.  Click the "Start Test" button below to begin.  Good luck!

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This road sign means

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If there are no traffic control signals, drivers must slow down or stop for pedestrians within

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Which of the following is NOT an acceptable document to prove identity when applying for your license or permit?

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When a doctor prescribes drugs which are likely to affect your driving, you should:

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This sign means:

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This sign means:

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How many points are added to your license for using a cell phone while driving if you are under 18?

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__________ are made to stop runaway vehicles safely without injuring drivers and passengers on steep mountain grades.

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If a railroad grade crossing has no warning devices or only a crossbuck sign, you should

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Where should slow traffic keep when traveling down an expressway?

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Trucks and buses traveling down the highway have:

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The distance a vehicle travels between the time the driver sees a problem and the time he/she applies the brakes is known as

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When a traffic signal is showing a flashing yellow light, you must:

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Parking your car in front of a driveway, other than momentarily, is:

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What is true about tailgating the vehicle in front of you?

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To avoid getting tired on a longer trip, you should:

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This sign means:

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Drivers on an express highway should avoid highway hypnosis by

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Which of the following statements about blind spots is true?

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This road sign means

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How much distance must you leave between you and a car you are following?

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When driving in foggy conditions, you should turn on:

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If a driver behind you repeatedly flashes his/her headlights, you should

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When passing a car on a two-lane road, you should pass

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Traffic lights have the following order from top to bottom:

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What does a flashing yellow light above this school sign mean?

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When overtaking and passing a bicycle, the law requires you to allow the following space between your vehicle and the bicycle:

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When you come up on this sign, you need to know that

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What is the maximum travel speed when traveling in an urban district or area?

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Parking is never allowed:

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You are more likely to survive a car crash if you use _________ together.

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Vehicles approaching a roundabout must

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Which of the following statements is NOT correct?

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What type of hazards to road conditions pose to motorcyclists?

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This sign shows one type of:

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Where should you stop your vehicle when exiting a driveway?

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When you see an elderly person crossing an intersection, you should

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This road sign means

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If two vehicles enter a 4 way intersection that is not controlled by signs/signals, from different roadways at about the same time, then the vehicle _________ has the right-of-way.

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The "Do Not Enter" sign is an example of a regulatory sign and it is:

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When you have a green light at an intersection and a blind pedestrian enters the intersection in front of your car, you should:

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A vehicle's stopping distance is equal to

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Which of the following is not a reason for having your license suspended?

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You should always allow more space than normal in front of your vehicle when following:

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__________ are areas around a truck or other heavy vehicle in which other vehicles disappear into blind spots.

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When you see a yield sign on the road or when coming up on an intersection, you must

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When driving on a slippery and unpredictable surface such as snow or ice, you should:

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Until when do you have to wait to pass a school bus?

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This is the shape and color of a __________ sign.

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When you see this black and yellow sign, it indicates:

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This sign means

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This sign is used to warn drivers about:

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Vertical rectangular signs that appear with black letters on a white background are used as

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What road signs have an upside-down triangle shape?

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Which of the following documents is acceptable proof of your social security number?

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You are on a two-lane highway. There is a bicyclist in front of you and a car approaching from the other direction. What is the best thing to do?

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If a vehicle stalls on the tracks and the motorist sees a train coming, the motorist must

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This road sign indicates

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If you are facing this sign, it tells you that:

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Georgia courts are required to report what to the DDS?

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What must you do with your vehicle when coming to a stop line?

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In Georgia, at what age (and over) is a driver prohibited from texting while driving?

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This road sign means

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This sign means

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Which of the following convictions as a result of a driving offense will trigger the assessment of four or more points on your driving record?

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This road sign means

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What is the minimum that your license will be suspended for if you are convicted for the first time for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

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This sign means:

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Which of the following is not a safe situation for passing?

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The most common danger in passing a stopped vehicle on a multi-lane road is:

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What is the meaning of this sign?

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What is the percentage of fatalities to pedestrians if a motorist is traveling at a speed of 40 mph?

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You must NOT pass another vehicle if you observe

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The meaning of this sign is

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What color and types of markings do construction and maintenance signs consist of?

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When going down a steep decline or hill, you must

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When parking at a railroad crossing, you must keep the following distance to the crossing:

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If red lights are flashing at a railroad crossing you must:

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When brakes fail and you cannot get them to work:

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When driving on a slippery surface such as snow or ice, you should:

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You are stopped by an officer and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The officer asks for a test to determine the amount of alcohol in your blood. In this situation, you:

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The maximum speed limit on a rural Interstate Highway is:

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This road sign means

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After failing your road test for the second time, how many days must pass before you are able to take it again?

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How should you deal with motorcycles on the roadway?

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What is the purpose of a gore?

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Where can you find information about obtaining a CDL?

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When driving on a one-way street with three or more lanes of traffic, you must use

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Which of the following actions are illegal in the state of Georgia?

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What colors designate warning signs in work zones?

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This sign means:

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If you are stopped at a traffic light and another vehicle is approaching you from behind at a high speed, you should

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This sign is a:

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A driver must _______ for a school bus on the opposite side of the road that is stopped with its red lights flashing.

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How many crashes result because of another crash occurring?

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At what age is a Class M operator's license available to obtain?

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A steady yellow arrow pointing left at an intersection indicates to the driver that

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This sign indicates a type of:

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If the rear of your vehicle starts to skid left, you should:

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Drivers that enter a main road from a driveway or alley should

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Drivers License

How To Get A Georgia Drivers License

In Georgia, driver’s licenses are administered by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. If you operate a motor vehicle on roadways in Georgia, you must possess a Provisional Class D Driver’s License or a Class C Driver’s License. Those candidates going for a Provisional Class D Driver’s License who are at least 16 years of age and must have had an Instructional Permit for a minimum of one year and one day.Driver’s must have had a minimum of 40 hours of driving time with at least 6 hours of night driving. Within this time, they must not have had any traffic violations. If candidates are 16 years of age, they must satisfy the requirements of Joshua’s Law Requirements, which pertain to completing a driver’s education training course. Candidates must also pass a vision test as well as pass a knowledge exam and a written road skills test. For those candidates that are pursuing a Class C Driver’s License must be 18 years of age, pass a vision test, pass a Knowledge Exam, pass a Road Skills Test and provide the proper documentation. Those candidates that are pursuing a Class M Driver’s License.

Pass The Test

How To Pass the Georgia Driver's License Test

As you prepare for your driver’s test, some helpful things to keep in mind:

  • Practice safe driving. For those that are practicing with their learner’s license then take advantage of your driving hours to develop good driving habits
  • Study Georgia road signs to be ready for the Road Sign section of the test

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  • Be sure that your vehicle is properly insured prior to taking your driving test, including the ability to provide documentation for proof of insurance.
  • Practice parallel parking and backing up
  • Study the Georgia Driver’s Manual

Additional Information

Georgia Department of Driver Services Information

To schedule a road test, you’ll need to schedule a time with local Georgia DMV office.

Find the Georgia DMV location closest to you:

Phone Numbers:

More Georgia Driving Test & Drivers License Helpful Links

Please use the link below to learn more about helpful topics and forms related to the Georgia driver’s license test or other Georgia driver’s license related topics.