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Welcome to the CDL practice test site for New York State. Our test questions are designed to prepare you for the questions you’ll see on the New York State DMV CDL Test. The questions on these practice tests cover topics from the NYS CDL manual. You can take these New York CDL practice tests as many times as you need to, and the tests are free to take. You will be presented with 40 questions and you must answer 34 questions correctly to pass. There is a 50-minute time limit. You may not go back once you answer a question. Click the "Start Test" button below to begin.

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What is the normal operating range for a truck's oil pressure?

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A battery box check is important. The battery must be secure, connection must be tight, and cell caps must be present. In addition these items should be checked:

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Which of the following is a key steering component?

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Your engine runs a pump when you are delivering compressed gas. Should you turn off your engine before or after you unhook the hoses after finishing that delivery?

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The most dangerous time during the school bus ride is:

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When should you not use the parking brakes?

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What is a technical name?

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You should be extra cautious when___while driving a smooth bore tanker combination.

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Which of the following about the front tires on a commercial bus is true?

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Select the statement that is true in regards to managing space to the sides.

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A tractor should not be backed under a trailer until the whole air system is:

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An example of a low pressure warning signal for air brakes is:

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Which of the following is a reason to evacuate the school bus?

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You should be in the proper gear before going down a hill because:

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The locking jaws of the kingpin should close around:

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What are some of the important parts in the steering system?

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What is the value of the overhead rear-view mirror inside of the bus?

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A shipment described on the Hazardous Waste Manifest may only be delivered to another _______ carrier or treatment facility, who then signs the ______, giving you a copy which you must keep.

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Select the true statement about slack adjusters:

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Which of the following is something the driver must watch for:

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If you are already carrying 100 pounds of silver cyanide, what precautions must you take if you are given papers at a dock to carry 100 cartons of battery acid?

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If you are traveling at 55 mph in a 30-foot vehicle, you should leave how many seconds of following distance?

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What is the best way to stop all skids?

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The method used to make sure the spring brakes will come on automatically is to:

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After coupling with a trailer, what position should the front trailer supports be in before driving away?

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Which seats must have a seat belt:

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Select the first action to do when the low air pressure warning comes on:

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Mirrors with a convex surface or "spot" mirrors _____.

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How much space should there be between the lower and upper fifth wheel?

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Select the vehicle that off-tracks the most.

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What is the reason that placards are used?

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______is a device that connects the service and emergency air lines between the tractor and trailer.

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Where are shut-off valves located?

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The floor liner for explosives may not:

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When this item is missing or loose, movement may occur between the fifth wheel assembly and the frame.

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When should you avoid using the parking brake?

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What is the purpose of the supply pressure gauge?

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These tires should have a minimum tread depth of 4/32 inches.

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All standing riders must stay:

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You should_____when an emergency requires you to quickly stop your tanker.

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CDL Practice Test

How To Get A new york Commercial Drivers License

To be eligible for a CDL in New York, applicants must meet the following age eligibility requirements.

  • Be at least 18 years old to operate a commercial vehicle intrastate (within New York only).
  • Be at least 21 years old to operate a commercial vehicle interstate (outside of New York).

To be eligible to drive a commercial vehicle in New York, applicants must provide verification that they are physically capable of operating a commercial vehicle. New York applicants must pass a vision test. All applicants must submit the following documents when they apply for a CDL.

  • (Form 649-F) Medical Examination Report (must be signed by applicant and physician)
  • CDL Holder Self-Certification document

Drivers who have had their licenses revoked, suspended, denied or canceled and drivers with multiple licenses in different states are not eligible for a CDL in New York.  Available endorsements include:

H – Hazmat Vehicles
M – Metal Coil
N – Tank Vehicles
P – Passenger Vehicles
R – Recreational Vehicles Over 26,000 pounds
S – School Bus
T – Double or Triple Trailer
W – Tow Truck
X – Combination Tank and Hazmat Vehicle

Hit the Open Road

new york CDL License Test Tips

Every New York CDL applicant must pass the general knowledge test prior to taking the skills test. This test consists of 50 questions. To pass the New York test, applicants must score 80 percent or higher. Applicants who require additional endorsements must pass additional tests and pay the required fees. The New York skills test can be taken 14 days after applicants pass the knowledge test. It includes a pre-trip vehicle inspection, basic control skills and on-road driving. Applicants must pass each section.

Military veterans who were discharged within 1 year of the application and current military members can apply to have the skills exam waived if they can show proof of military enlistment or discharge, have operated an equivalent military vehicle in the past two years, possess a valid NY driver’s license, and submit an application for the Military Skills Test Waiver that is signed by the commanding officer.

Additional Information

Information on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

The New York Motor State Department of Motor Vehicles provides administers CDL license requirements in New York. To get more information contact them via:


Phone: 518.486.9786


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