Alaska Managing Traffic Test

Younger drivers often may not understand how important it is to communicate as they drive. By keeping your hands visible and knowing how to use correct hand signals when your turning signals are not working, you are able to communicate to others on the road what to expect from your vehicle which keeps everyone safer. Another critical element of managing the roadways is to be aware of driving conditions at all times. What does this mean? It means drivers must pay attention to anything that can impact your vehicle’s path. When you keep close tabs on the road ahead you’ll be able to react and respond appropriately. Last but not last, always remember to yield to people walking and on bicycles. Pedestrians and cyclists in Alaska get the right of way, meaning drivers are responsible for their safety. By following these tips, you can become a better driver.

It can be overwhelming trying to recall all you need to know in regard to being a safe driver much of which focuses on communication and monitoring road conditions. If you want to be a safe Alaska driver, this quiz is the perfect tool to see your understanding about this topic.

Alaska Managing the Road Test

Buckle up and prepare for some difficult questions on managing the road. To begin, press the start button below.


Managing Traffic Test
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What does this sign indicate?

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If you need to slow down suddenly, how can you signal this to other drivers?

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A flashing yellow light at an intersection indicates...

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If your vehicle is moving slower than 40mph on a highway you should...

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If you do not see a speed limit sign, residential areas should be assumed to have a speed limit of...

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What are the colors of signs indicating a hazard ahead?

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You need to use a turn signal, arm or hand signal, or both, continuously for at least __________before turning.

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Before switching lanes on a multiple lane highway you should...

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You should drive slower than the posted speed limit when...

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What is the proper way to address a flashing red signal?

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