Utah Defensive Driving Test

Being able to drive defensively is extremely important, but it is especially important for young drivers. This is because young drivers often make poor split-second decisions because of inexperience. What does defensive driving mean? It means paying attention to both the driving conditions and the other drivers on the road. Defensive driving also means being able to anticipate potential problems and take corrective action if necessary. By learning to drive defensively, inexperienced Utah drivers have a better chance of avoiding accidents. In addition, they will also be in a much better position to deal with surprises that come their way. Ultimately, developing defensive driving skills is an important element that aspiring Utah drivers need to grasp if they want to be safe drivers.

With all this in mind, isn’t it time to see how much you know about defensive driving?. Our Utah defensive driving quiz is designed to explore your knowledge on a variety of topics, from dealing with road conditions to how to deal with someone experiencing road rage.

Utah Defensive Driving Test

See if you’re up to date on the knowledge and techniques of defensive driving in Utah. Get settled in and let’s get started! Press start to begin.


Defensive Driving Test
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Where should you stop at an intersection where there is a stop sign, but there is no stop line or crosswalk present?

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After a train has passed at a railroad crossing you should...

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When making a left turn, you should:

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How many seconds should you trail the car in front of you in good driving conditions during the day?

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You should avoid driving after you have...

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When traveling down a three lane, one-way street, you should make a left turn from...

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An orange triangle on the back of a vehicle means that it...

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When should you plan your driving route for a trip?

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The stopping distance of a car is equal to:

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When following a truck at night, you should always:

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