South Carolina Intersections Test

Intersections are one of the most dangerous areas on the road. Every year, there are thousands of car accidents at intersections in the United States. Some of these accidents are minor, many prove to be dangerous or deadly. Learning the rules and regulations as far as driving through, into, and around intersections is very important for anyone who wants to earn their driver’s license.

No one wakes up and thinks, “Hey, I want to take a driving test today!”. When it comes down to it, there’s a lot riding on the outcome. But failing is far less likely when you show up as prepared as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this exam covering the driving laws relating to intersections. Whether you’re looking to gain your first South Carolina driver’s license or simply brushing up on your knowledge, our intersection test will build your skills.

South Carolina Intersections Test

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Intersections Test
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You must turn your signal on how many feet before making the turn?

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Your vehicle has the right of way when...

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The driver in front of you has their left arm out the window with their hand extended downward. What are they signaling?

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To turn left from a one way street with multiple lanes onto a one way street, you should begin your turn from...

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A flashing red light at an intersection means what?

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When two vehicles arrive at a four way stop at the same time, which vehicle has right of way?

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Where should you stop at an intersection where there is a stop sign, but there is no stop line or crosswalk present?

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The driver in front of you has their left arm out the window with their hand extended upward. What are they signaling?

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If a pedestrian is crossing your half of the roadway at an intersection with no marked crosswalk, you must:

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The driver in front of you puts their left arm straight out the window, pointing to the left, what are they signaling?

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