Maryland Sharing the Road Test

No amount of studying can get you ready for what it’s like actually being on the road and learning to be part of the driving environment and sharing the road with others. Learning how to share the road with other users is an important part of being a safe driver. When you are behind the wheel, it’s important that you’re paying attention to the driving conditions and be prepared to yield to emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. While it can be tempting to squeeze in front of another car by flooring it, you must keep in mind that everyone has a right to use the road safely. Staying calm and making good decisions can help to keep everyone safe.

It’s not always easy to pay attention to everything around you as you drive, but it’s important to remember how important it is to share our roadways. For the purpose of making Maryland’s streets safer, we’ve put together a quiz about how drivers must share the road with others. Just remember, using a drivers’ license is an opportunity to exercise good judgment to keep others safe. We appreciate you putting in the time to brush up on your road-sharing knowledge!

Maryland Sharing the Road Test

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Sharing the Road Test
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Even a small amount of alcohol can impact your driving.

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When approaching a bike rider from behind drivers should...

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It takes the average person how long to process the alcohol from two beers?

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When stopping behind a school bus you should...

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How far must you remain behind an emergency vehicle after it passes?

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To avoid driving while drowsy, young drivers should get at least how many hours of sleep?

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Non-prescription drugs...

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If you experience a blown our tire what should you do?

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If a school bus is in front of you and the red lights are flashing you should...

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When an ambulance or other emergency vehicle approaches with its lights flashing you must...

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