Maryland Intersections Test

Many people are shocked at the accident statistics at intersections. Thousands of accidents occur each year at intersections. While some of these accidents result in limited damage, many prove to be dangerous or deadly. Learning the rules and regulations related to driving through, into, and around intersections is a key piece of the puzzle for aspiring drivers.

No one wakes up and thinks, “Hey, I want to take a driving test today!”. When it comes down to it, getting your license is a big deal. However, one way to help ease your nerves is to be well studied on all there is to know about Maryland intersections. You have everything to gain by studying this quiz on intersection rules and regulations. Whether you’re looking to gain your first Maryland driver’s license or seeing how much you remember about intersections, this quiz is sure to build your skills.

Maryland Intersections Test

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Intersections Test
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You are driving on a highway and a car is attempting to merge into your lane. How should you react?

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When two vehicles arrive at a four way stop at the same time, which vehicle has right of way?

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The driver in front of you puts their left arm straight out the window, pointing to the left, what are they signaling?

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When making a right turn your car should be positioned...

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If a pedestrian is crossing your half of the roadway at an intersection with no marked crosswalk, you must:

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You are at a point where you must stop at the intersection ahead. Just before the intersection, you have to cross railroad tracks. You should stop before you cross the railroad tracks when:

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When waiting to make a left turn at an intersection you should...

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You have a green light and there are vehicles blocking your way in the intersection. What should you do?

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The driver in front of you has their left arm out the window with their hand extended downward. What are they signaling?

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To turn left from a one way street with multiple lanes onto a one way street, you should begin your turn from...

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