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It’s no secret that road signs are an essential part of California driver’s education. They offer necessary data to keep you and the other drivers around you free from harm.
Knowing what each road sign means will make you a much safer driver. Take for instance, yield signs tell you how to identify that it is okay to proceed the intersection, and stop signs indicate when you need to come to a complete stop. Another big advantage of knowing your road signs is that you will find it a lot easier to find your way through unfamiliar terrain and stay away from traffic backups and more. So, whether you’re getting ready to take your driving test or are simply brushing up on your knowledge of the many important road signs in California, it’s really important that you keep an eye out for those road signs – they just might save your life.

California Road Sign Test

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If you’re preparing for your upcoming driving test, signs will be an important element to be knowledgeable about. Our multiple-choice traffic road signs test is completely free and has a massive database of traffic signs for you to practice on your way to building your confidence for your test day. Road signs fall into three basic categories - regulatory signs, warning signs, and informative signs.  Our free DMV road sign test includes 25 multiple-choice questions and has no time limit. So take your time and feel free to take this test as often as you would like. Click the “Start Test” button below to begin your road sign practice test.

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What does this sign indicate?

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The speed indicated on this sign is a:

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What does this sign indicate?

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What does this sign indicate?

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In this lane, in which direction(s) is it legal to drive at 9:42 am?

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What does this sign indicate?

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What does this sign indicate?

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What does this sign indicate?

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What type of sign is this?

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What does this sign indicate?

Your score is

The average score is 77%

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