Oklahoma Parking Test

An often overlooked, but critically important skill for anyone looking to be a good driver is the right way to park a car.

There are definitely sexier things about driving than parking skills. For people learning to drive however, becoming good at parking can be a real challenge.

There are a few basic principles for inexperienced drivers when it comes to learning the rules of parking. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Your mirrors are a huge help
  • Always check your surroundings like pedestrians, other cars, pets, and curbs
  • Take your time
  • Remember to utilize your turn signals

We’ll help you brush up for your driving test in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Parking Test

Go ahead and test your knowledge of Oklahoma alcohol and drug driving laws. Press start to begin.


Parking Test
10 Questions, No Time Limit
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You are not permitted to park your vehicle __________ from the nearest rail of a railroad crossing.

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What is the first step in parallel parking?

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When can you stop at a no stopping sign?

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What two actions should you take before pulling out from a parking space parallel to the curb?

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When parallel parking on a flat street you should...

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How should you direct your tires if you are parking on a downhill slope?

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What should you do when parking your vehicle?

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When parked parallel to a curb, when may you exit the driver's side of the vehicle?

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A "no parking" sign allows you to...

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A "no parking sign" means?

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The average score is 73%

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