Oklahoma Intersections Test

Driving through an intersection can be extremely dangerous. Every year, there are thousands of car accidents at intersections in the United States. Some of these accidents are minor, many prove to be dangerous or deadly. Taking the time to learn the rules when it comes to driving through, into, and around intersections is very important as you try to earn your driver’s license.

By understanding how to properly navigate an intersection, you can help to keep yourself and others out of harm’s way once you have your license. Intersections for new Oklahoma drivers tend to be confusing, but with a little practice, you will gain confidence and drive through them with ease.

Oklahoma Intersections Test

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Intersections Test
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Where should you stop at an intersection where there is a stop sign, but there is no stop line or crosswalk present?

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When waiting to make a left turn at an intersection you should...

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You yield right of way at an intersection to oncoming vehicles when you are...

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The driver in front of you has their left arm out the window with their hand extended upward. What are they signaling?

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You intend to make a right turn at the next intersection, you should...

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If a pedestrian is crossing your half of the roadway at an intersection with no marked crosswalk, you must:

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If two cars enter an intersection simultaneously, with one turning left and one turning right, who has the right of way?

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The driver in front of you puts their left arm straight out the window, pointing to the left, what are they signaling?

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A flashing red light at an intersection means what?

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To turn left from a one way street with multiple lanes onto a one way street, you should begin your turn from...

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