New Jersey Intersections Test

Many people are shocked at the accident statistics at intersections. Each year thousands of drivers are injured at intersections. Some of these accidents result in limited damage, unfortunately, many are much worse. Becoming knowledgeable about the rules in New Jersey when it comes to driving through, into, and around intersections is very important for aspiring drivers.

Taking a driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience. Think about it, getting your license is a big deal. However, one way to help ease your nerves is to be fully prepared. You have everything to gain by studying this exam covering intersection rules and regulations. Whether you’re taking your driving test or seeing how much you remember about intersections, our intersection test can undoubtedly expand your knowledge of how to manage intersections.

New Jersey Intersections Test

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Intersections Test
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You have a green light and there are vehicles blocking your way in the intersection. What should you do?

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Your vehicle has the right of way when...

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You yield right of way at an intersection to oncoming vehicles when you are...

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The driver in front of you has their left arm out the window with their hand extended downward. What are they signaling?

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When two vehicles arrive at a four way stop at the same time, which vehicle has right of way?

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If you are at an intersection with a green light, but traffic is currently blocking your path you should...

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You must turn your signal on how many feet before making the turn?

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If two cars enter an intersection simultaneously, with one turning left and one going straight, who has the right of way?

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When making a right turn your car should be positioned...

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The driver in front of you puts their left arm straight out the window, pointing to the left, what are they signaling?

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