Missouri Intersections Test

Many people are shocked at the accident statistics at intersections. Every year, there are thousands of car accidents at intersections. Some of these accidents aren’t severe, many prove to be dangerous or deadly. Taking the time to learn the rules when it comes to how to drive through intersections is a key piece of the puzzle for anyone who wants to earn their driver’s license.

Taking a driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience. When it comes down to it, there’s a lot riding on the outcome. You can tip the odds in your favor by being as prepared as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this exam covering the driving laws relating to intersections. Whether you’re taking your driving test or simply brushing up on your knowledge, this quiz can undoubtedly help you master the rules of the road.

Missouri Intersections Test

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Intersections Test
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A flashing red light at an intersection means what?

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When waiting to make a left turn at an intersection you should...

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When two vehicles arrive at a four way stop at the same time, which vehicle has right of way?

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You are at a point where you must stop at the intersection ahead. Just before the intersection, you have to cross railroad tracks. You should stop before you cross the railroad tracks when:

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The driver in front of you puts their left arm straight out the window, pointing to the left, what are they signaling?

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Your vehicle has the right of way when...

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If two cars enter an intersection simultaneously, with one turning left and one turning right, who has the right of way?

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To turn left from a one way street with multiple lanes onto a one way street, you should begin your turn from...

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You have a green light and there are vehicles blocking your way in the intersection. What should you do?

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When making a right turn your car should be positioned...

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