Massachusetts Managing Traffic Test

Often after getting their drivers license, people don’t realize how important it is to communicate while driving. By keeping your hands visible and knowing how to use correct hand signals when your turning signals are not working, drivers can let other motorists know what you’re doing which keeps everyone safer. Drivers also need to be aware of the condition of roadways whenever behind the wheel. This means being aware of anything that can impact your vehicle’s path. By constantly scanning the road ahead, you’ll be able to react and respond appropriately. As one last point, drivers need to remember to give the right of way to people walking and on bicycles. Pedestrians and cyclists in Massachusetts have the right of way, meaning drivers are responsible for their safety. By following these tips, you will become a better driver.

There’s a lot to remember in regard to driving safely, much of which has to do with how well you can communicate and manage various driving conditions. If you want to be a safe Massachusetts driver, this quiz is an excellent tool to see your understanding about managing the road.

Massachusetts Managing the Road Test

Buckle up and prepare for some difficult questions on managing the road. Press start to begin.


Managing Traffic Test
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What is the proper way to address a flashing red signal?

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What should you do when a police officer signals you to pull over?

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Before switching lanes on a multiple lane highway you should...

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On wet roads your following distance should be...

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You need to use a turn signal, arm or hand signal, or both, continuously for at least __________before turning.

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When coming upon a flashing yellow traffic signal, how should you proceed?

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What does this sign indicate?

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If your vehicle is moving slower than 40mph on a highway you should...

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When backing up your vehicle you should...

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What does this sign indicate?

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