Illinois Sharing the Road Test

All of the book learning in the world can’t get you ready for what it’s like actually being on the road and learning to share the road. Gaining the knowledge and skills to cooperatively use our streets and highways with other users is an important part of being a safe and responsible driver. When you are behind the wheel, it’s important that you’re paying attention to everything around you including emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. While it can be tempting to squeeze in front of another car by flooring it, you must keep in mind other drivers have a right to their safety as well. When you think safety first and focus on sharing the road you can help to keep everyone safe.

As drivers, we’re all responsible when it comes time to ensure everyone gets where they’re going safely. As a driver in Illinois, you have to understand how to share the roadways with other motorists, pedestrians, and more. This quiz is designed to help you look deeper into the topic to make you a safer motorist.

Illinois Sharing the Road Test

There’s no better time than now to see how well you understand how to share the roads in Illinois. To begin, press start.

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