Illinois Driving Conditions Test

Inclement weather and even something as simple as a rainy day can seriously alter the safety of a road or highway. This is why it’s extremely critical for younger drivers to figure out the correct techniques to drive safely in a variety of different weather conditions.

Though difficult, learning to drive in a variety of weather conditions means you’ll be far less likely to be in an accident when facing adverse conditions. Being a safe driver isn’t always easy, especially as you are just starting to learn. There are so many different things to keep in mind, and it can be difficult to know what to do in every situation. Our weather conditions exam for Illinois will test you on topics like how to handle hydroplaning, what to do in low visibility, and how to deal with many other weather conditions. After you’ve worked through all of the questions you should be a safer all-weather driver.

Illinois Driving Conditions Test

See how well you understand how to drive in the weather conditions in Illinois. Press start to begin.


Driving Conditions Test
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What is the minimum following distance under ideal driving conditions?

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If you are driving in heavy rain situations, you should use...

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Which of the following should you not do to remain safe while driving in the rain?

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What should you do to combat the glare of approaching headlights?

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A road is more likely to be covered in ice if it is...

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What is the completely safe speed when driving in snow?

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When coming to a stop on a slippery road the best approach is to...

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Which of the following is NOT true regarding winter driving conditions?

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When driving on a slippery surface such as snow or ice, you should...

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Which lights should you use while driving in fog?

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