Wyoming Driving Conditions Test

Even the most tame weather can drastically change driving conditions and you and your passengers’ safety. That’s why it’s important for people just starting to drive to gain experience driving in all types of weather.

By knowing how to drive in all of Wyoming’s weather conditions you’ll be prepared for anything the road throws at you. Driving can be a challenging task, particularly when you are just starting to learn. It requires an immense attention to detail, making it hard to quickly process information to make the right decisions. This quiz will cover topics like what to do if your car skids on ice, how to safely change lanes in inclement weather, and how to deal with many other weather conditions. By the end of the quiz you will feel more confident about your ability to handle a variety of driving conditions.

Wyoming Driving Conditions Test

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Driving Conditions Test
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What is the completely safe speed when driving in snow?

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Which of the following should you not do to remain safe while driving in the rain?

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When driving down a dark country road you should...

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Which of the following is NOT true regarding winter driving conditions?

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When coming to a stop on a slippery road the best approach is to...

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You should turn off your high beams when an oncoming car is within...

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If you can't see a car length in front of you in fog you should...

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What is the minimum following distance under ideal driving conditions?

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When wheels on one side of your car hit a soft shoulder, what is the correct course of action to get back on a highway?

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What should you do to combat the glare of approaching headlights?

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