Ohio Road Signs Test 3

Ohio road signs exist to relay critical info to road users. They are designed to manage the flow of traffic and keep everyone safe. For novices behind the wheel it is especially important to learn the meanings of common road signs. It’s easy to understand the importance as their actions account for themselves and others around them. Not knowing what a road sign indicates can lead to a dangerous situation. After investing themselves in learning about Ohio road signs, novice drivers are doing their part to make our roads a better place to drive.

As you study the Ohio driving rules you’ll discover a huge variety of road signs that you need to be aware of when you’re driving. Some road signs offer information, and some that are there to improve driver safety. It’s extremely important as a driver that you are aware what every sign means for you to make smart and safe decisions as you drive. That’s why we made multiple road sign practice tests. This practice exam will test your knowledge of the different signs and their meanings. It’s our hope that this is a valuable tool and it will help you earn your driver’s license!

Ohio Road Sign Test

Get ready to put your knowledge of the road signs in Ohio to the ultimate test. Press start to begin.


Road Signs Test 3
10 Questions, No Time Limit
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What does this sign indicate?

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When encountering this sign you should:

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What should you look out for if you notice this sign while driving?

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What does this sign indicate?

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This cyclist is signaling that he is about to:

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In this lane, in which direction(s) is it legal to drive at 7:22 am?

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This class of sign is known as:

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What services are available at this upcoming exit?

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What does this sign indicate?

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What does this sign indicate?

Your score is

The average score is 85%

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