Nevada Alcohol and Drugs Test

Operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol or consuming drugs in Nevada is treacherous for you and others and is something you should never take part in. When you drink alcohol it impacts your decision making and reflexes, which makes it a lot harder to drive safely. Drugs can cause similar effects and can also lead to hallucinations and delusions. Driving under the influence increases the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. In addition to the dangers placed on the driver, the other motorists sharing the road are potential victims. Drivers that take the risk to operate a vehicle after using drugs or alcohol are not only jeopardizing their own safety, but also disregarding the lives of other drivers.

Nearly everyone knows that driving after using drugs, liquor, wine, or beer is illegal. The question is, though, what do you really know about the legal repercussions of these activities in Nevada? Our quiz will put you to the test so you can test your knowledge. Our quiz covers all you need to know including legal limits of alcohol to the penalties for driving under the influence. It doesn’t matter if you’re a responsible driver that’s looking to improve their understanding of the laws in Nevada or a bright eyed, bushy tailed prospective driver our substance abuse test is for you.

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Alcohol and Drugs Test
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After drinking, which of the following does NOT happen?

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Which of these factors can influence blood alcohol level (BAC) while drinking?

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If you mix alcohol and drugs while driving, what are the possible effects?

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If you've been drinking you should...

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What is the legal limit of BAC for driver's over 21 years of age?

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What should you do before driving after taking a non-prescription drug?

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What is the best way to lower your blood alcohol content (BAC)?

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What is the potential punishment for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

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Alcohol as a drug qualifies as a...

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What happens to a person's driver's license if they refuse a blood alcohol test?

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