Montana Defensive Driving Test

Defensive driving is critically important for anyone who gets behind the wheel, especially for young drivers. The reason for this is that young drivers often make poor split-second decisions due to inexperience. Defensive driving involves being aware of road conditions and other motorists. Defensive driving also means being able to anticipate potential problems and take corrective action if necessary. By learning to drive defensively, new Montana drivers have a better chance of avoiding accidents. In addition, they will also be in a much better position to deal with unexpected situations that come their way. At the end of the day defensive driving is a vital skill that young motorists should learn to keep our roadways safe.

If you consider yourself a maestro of defensive driving, our Montana defensive driving quiz should be a piece of cake. In this test, you’ll see questions that cover many elements of defensive driving to see if you’re truly as smart as you think you are. Do you know what to do in a skidding vehicle on an icy road? Or, what about when you have someone tailgating you?

Montana Defensive Driving Test

Test your knowledge of defensive driving techniques with this quick quiz. Get settled in and see what you’re made of! Press start to begin.

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