Michigan Sharing the Road Test

All the driving classes in the world won’t get you ready for what it’s like actually being on the road and learning to share it with other drivers. Gaining the knowledge and skills to cooperatively use our streets and highways along with other motorists is necessary to be a safe driver. When operating a motor vehicle you need to be aware of everything around you including other vehicles, pedestrians, and even animals. Though there’s always opportunities to floor it through a light before it turns red, you must keep in mind you’re not the only one on the road. By being patient and following the rules of the road, you can help to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

As drivers, we’re all responsible when it comes time to ensure anyone on the road gets where they’re going safely. As a driver in Michigan, you have to understand how to share the roadways with others. Our sharing the road test has been developed to help you look deeper into the topic to make you a safer motorist.

Michigan Sharing the Road Test

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Sharing the Road Test
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How does alcohol impact your driving ability?

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If a school bus is in front of you and the red lights are flashing you should...

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Even a small amount of alcohol can impact your driving.

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If you mix alcohol and drugs while driving, what are the possible effects?

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When approaching a bike rider from behind drivers should...

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If a pedestrian crosses in front of you in an area that's not a crosswalk you should...

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In a situation where your car breaks down on the road you should...

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If you experience a blown our tire what should you do?

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It takes the average person how long to process the alcohol from two beers?

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When stopping behind a school bus you should...

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