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We have the resources you need to succeed. Our practice DMV driving tests include test questions that are specific to your state.

To earn your driver’s license in the United States you’ll need to pass both a practical driving test and a written driving test.

This site offers practical tips to help you pass the practical skills portion of your driving exam, but also offers thousands of driving test questions you can take for free as you prepare for your drivers permit test or license test.

We make it easy to practice for your driving test online by offering our practice tests and resources to our users 100% free. At the conclusion of your test you can check your answers and see how you scored. This website is mobile friendly, so there’s no need to download another app to clog up your phone. Simply bookmark our site and take a practice DMV test online whenever it’s convenient for your schedule.

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Our CDL practice tests will have you ready to ace your exam. We provide sample tests that cover all of the topics you’ll need to know from general knowledge to hazardous materials to passenger vehicles to multi-trailer exams.

When it’s time to graduate from your learner’s permit to the real thing, our DMV permit practice tests will prepare you for the written test on exam day. We’ve also got plenty of tips to help you pass the road test, too.

There’s no better way to enjoy the open road then on the back of a motorcycle. But first you’ll need to pass your state’s motorcycle license test. Fortunately, our practice tests will step you through everything you need to get you riding as soon as possible.

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Steps to Getting a Driver’s License

The steps required for getting a driver’s license can vary slightly from state to state. If you meet your state’s age requirement, you can apply for a driver’s permit. You will need to pass a written test and a vision test, and some states, like California, may require you to take a driver’s ed course before you can get your permit. You will also need proper documentation and to pay any associated fees to acquire your permit. Some states require permit holders to reach a set number of supervised hours before they are allowed to move on to their final driver’s license tests – both the written and driving skills tests.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re looking for a learner’s permit practice test or a free drivers license test online that’s specific to your state, we have you covered.

Our practice tests are designed to mirror the test format and types of questions you’ll see in each state. The number of multiple choice questions varies by states, as does the number of correct answers required to pass. All of our free driving tests are designed to mirror your state’s tests to help you pass.

Studying Tips

Let’s be blunt, the driving knowledge test is difficult. If you don’t put enough time and effort into preparing for it, you likely will not pass.

We recommend using your state’s driving manual, or driver’s handbook, as the basis for your studying. Print a copy, read it regularly and take notes as you review it. To test your knowledge, use DMV practice tests like the ones available on this site and keep track of your score to track your progress. You can supplement the standard test by taking our road signs test as well.