Connecticut Driving Conditions Test

Inclement weather and even something as simple as a rainy day can drastically change driving conditions and you and your passengers’ safety. For these reasons it’s a big deal for younger drivers to gain experience driving in all types of weather.

Though difficult, learning to drive in a variety of weather conditions means you’ll be far less likely to be in an accident when facing adverse conditions. Being a safe driver isn’t always easy, particularly as you’re first learning how to do it. There are so many different things to keep in mind, which makes it hard to read and respond to your surroundings. Our weather conditions exam for Connecticut will cover topics such as how to handle hydroplaning, how to safely change lanes in inclement weather, and how to deal with many other weather conditions. After you’ve worked through all of the questions you will feel more confident about your ability to handle a variety of driving conditions.

Connecticut Driving Conditions Test

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Driving Conditions Test
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When it starts raining you should do what to avoid an accident?

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You should turn off your high beams when an oncoming car is within...

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Which of the following is NOT true regarding winter driving conditions?

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What is the completely safe speed when driving in snow?

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When on the road at night you should be able to stop...

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When driving through a construction area you should...

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You can reduce your risk of hydroplaning by?

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Which lights should you use while driving in fog?

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When are roads most slippery from rain?

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When coming to a stop on a slippery road the best approach is to...

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