Arkansas Sharing the Road Test

No amount of studying can get you ready for real life driving experiences and figuring out how to be part of the driving environment and sharing the road with others. Gaining the knowledge and skills to cooperatively use our streets and highways with other users is necessary to be a safe and responsible driver. When operating a motor vehicle it’s important that you’re paying attention to everything around you including emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. Though there’s always opportunities to try to beat the light or squeeze in ahead of another driver, it is important to remember other drivers have a right to their safety as well. When you think safety first and focus on sharing the road you will help keep your fellow Arkansas motorists safe.

As drivers, we’re all responsible when it comes time to ensure anyone on the road gets where they’re going safely. As a driver in Arkansas, you have a responsibility to know how to share our roads with other motorists, pedestrians, and more. Our sharing the road test is designed to help you look deeper into the topic and make you a better driver.

Arkansas Sharing the Road Test

There’s no better time than now to see how well you understand how to share the roads in Arkansas. To begin, press start.


Sharing the Road Test
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When in a construction zone, you should...

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If you mix alcohol and drugs while driving, what are the possible effects?

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Non-prescription drugs...

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How does alcohol impact your driving ability?

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If an emergency vehicle approaches you from behind on a one way street you should...

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When an aggressive driver is behind you how should you react?

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It takes the average person how long to process the alcohol from two beers?

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Why do people tend to have more crashes in construction/work zones?

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To avoid driving while drowsy, young drivers should get at least how many hours of sleep?

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A bicyclist must position themselves where on a road?

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